Register to Vote with Junk Food Clothing & Rock The Vote Scannable T-Shirts

Register to Vote from Your T-shirt with Junk Food Clothing! (Photo: Business Wire)


Junk Food Clothing brand has teamed with nonpartisan nonprofit organization Rock The Vote encouraging people to register to vote with their new scannable t-shirt. Yes, you read that right, scannable t-shirt. According to Business Wire, the shirt “has a simple and completely mobile voter registration functionality on the back-end, eliminating the need to go to a voter registration center. Simply scan this exclusive “Scan to Vote” graphic with a Smartphone and go through a few easy steps to register (the technology is powered by social media powerhouse PromoJam). You can also easily broadcast to your friends that you registered via Facebookand Twitter. The Scan to Vote tees are exclusively available at Whole Foods nationwide through a collaboration with Threads for Thought and have been featured at SXSW, Coachella, on numerous celebrities including George Clooney, Bradley Cooper & Katie Holmes, and at various Hollywood events.”




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