NFL Superstars Devin Hester, Eric Decker, Larry Fitzgerald and Vernon Davis “Hydrate Naturally”

With the NFL season officially kicking off next week, Vita Coco brand coconut water announced today they’ve signed Chicago Bears wide receiver Devin Hester, Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald and San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis to their “Hydrate Naturally” campaign.

“I’ve started drinking all-natural Vita Coco, and I can feel the difference in my training,” says Larry Fitzgerald. “With all the talk about natural hydration, I had to try it for myself. Now I keep a few cases at home and in the locker room fridge to stay hydrated and avoid cramps. It really works!”

Vita Coco coconut water’s new pro-football lineup “Hydrate Naturally” (from left) Devin Hester, Eric Decker, Larry Fitzgerald, Vernon Davis. (Photo: Business Wire)

Be sure to look for Davis, Fitzgerald, Decker and Hester throughout the year in billboard, radio, digital media and in-store advertising (starting this month).


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