Interview: AARP President, Rob Romasco on Work Reimagined Initiative

AARP President Rob Romasco joined me recently to introduce Work Reimagined, AARP’s new initiative (using LinkedIn’s platform) which helps experienced older workers find jobs in this tough economy.

AARP President Rob Romasco



Candace Rose: Can you tell us about AARP’s new initiative, Work Reimagined?

Rob Romasco: “Work Reimagined is our attempt and our effort to help older workers and experienced workers find jobs, get information on how to use the new social networking and online skills, and connect with other people both for networking purposes and to share tips on how to do this. Clearly older workers are having a big challenge, as everyone is in this economy and we’re focused especially on helping people with 20 years experience or more be more successful in their job search. We created this web platform called, it’s free. You can go there right away- you can find any one of 120 companies that haveĀ  pledged to give older experienced workers opportunities and information on how to use these tools, and how to use the online environment to present yourself, your resume and your skills, or to connect with other people and get advice and share tips and contacts; as well as some people want to start their own business, and there’s information about that. So that’s all at one stop location specifically tailored for people who are experienced and are out there looking for their next work experience.”


Candace Rose: Do they have to be a member of Work Reimagined? How does it work?

Rob Romasco: “Well, anyone can go. They can just hit on their computer and it takes them right to the site, takes them to a section called jobs, a section of news or information or a section on how to get involved in communicating with each other. If you want to, if you’re not a member of LinkedIn- we’re using that platform- you can join LinkedIn which has a number of different tools that help refine your background and so forth, or you can do it all. It’s free. If you go there it’ll give you all this information, put you in touch with the company, give you the information to make yourself more presentable/more effective in telling your story and presenting your experience; or put you in touch with other people. The site’s easy to navigate, it’s chock full of information, and more importantly chock full of opportunity.”


Candace Rose: What can job seekers do to elevate their chances of finding a job in this market?

Rob Romasco: “Well, I think it’s a matter of keeping at it, learning and understanding that the most important thing you do is the next thing. You have to keep moving. It’s a very difficult time right now, but what we wanted to do was help people- give them tools, opportunity and put them in touch with companies that are specifically committed to looking for experienced workers. And that’s what does.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Rob Romasco: “None other than we encourage people to use it. Again, it’s free. If they go to they’ll find the best way to connect up. If they’re not a member of LinkedIn they can join LinkedIn and take advantage of what they do and these are specifically targeted at these companies, and the companies will continue to grow. We’re out there asking more companies to take this pledge, put these opportunities for experienced workers up. We’re hopefully going to add to the 120 that have already committed.”


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