Interview: Last Minute Summer Travel Getaway Tips with TravelGirl Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Oswald

   Are you one of the millions hitting the road this weekend for Labor Day or in the next few weeks to come? If so, you’re in luck! National travel expert, and TravelGirl magazine’s co-founder and editor-in-chief Stephanie Oswald joined me recently to share her favorite summer travel tips and ideas for saving a dollar, staying safe and having a blast!


TravelGirl’s Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Oswald with her favorite last minute travel tips!


When looking for the best travel deals while on vacation or before heading out the door, Stephanie recommends visiting the destination website, the tourism and board website or the chamber of commerce website, “because they’re always going to have coupons that you can print out and save you a lot of money. They’re also going to have information about special deals. A lot of cities in particular have discount city passes or have places that have multiple attractions, will have accommodation deals where you pay one price and you get to see three things at a discount, and sometimes you do get to see things for free as well. Going on that website might tell you that the museum is free after 5 on Tuesday or there’s a special festival happening and you can go to the aquarium at a discount so it’s really important to do that homework before you go.”

     Looking for the hottest trends in travel? Stephanie states that it’s all about the road trip! Traveling by car is leading the way this summer and you still have time to take that last minute trek. Is your car in tip top shape and ready for the long haul? If not and you’re in the market for a new car, she recommends the Kia Optima SXL Hybrid as it gets up to 34 MPG gas mileage (on the highway)! Stephanie also has some great tips via the Autozone website (they also have a trip smart travel guide that you can download and print for free) to ensure you’re safe before you hit on the road and have a great time:

  • Make sure all of your fluids are at the right level- your oils, your antifreeze, your transmission fluid.
  • Check and make sure that your spark plugs are good to go.

     When it comes to keeping your family safe either when traveling by car, plane or train, Stephanie recommends your child wear something that makes them “easily identifiable. Go to your local store and find neon t-shirts for your kids, and when you’re traveling, make that the shirt that they wear so they’re easy to spot in a crowd. Talk to your kids about not talking to strangers, especially at a rest area or in a busy airport.” As the mother of young children under the age of six, Stephanie mentions that she puts luggage tags on her kids with their contact info (just make sure it’s the luggage tag that covers up so their info isn’t in plain sight for everyone to see) just in case they were to get lost.

     And last but not least, TravelGirl’s editor-in-chief is a big fan of Wingate by Wyndham for travel accommodations. She loves it “because for the room rate you get a hot healthy breakfast, and you get access to a fitness center, access to a business center, and…internet for free.”

For more great last minute tips from Stephanie, please check out the video below! You can also find Stephanie on Twitter @TravelGirlSteph or on TravelGirl’s website: If you’d like more information on everything Stephanie dished on please visit:, and



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