Interview: Fall Beauty Buys & Trends with “The Beauty Girl” Founder, Nicole Pearl

The Beauty Girl, Nicole Pearl joined me yesterday to discuss the TOP beauty buys for fall and the latest trends!


The Beauty Girl Nicole Pearl with the latest and greatest beauty buys and trends for fall!




Candace Rose: With fall nearly upon us, what are the best beauty buys this season?

Nicole Pearl: “Well, I’m so excited to talk about skin care especially because it’s so important to transition to the right skin care products for fall, and one of the lines that’s amazing is the Simple skin care products. It has all the ingredients that are good for your skin, and none of the bad and they’re perfect even for sensitive skin. And one of my favorite products from the line is the new moisturizing facial wash. This gently yet effectively cleanses and nourishes your skin. It’s only $6.99 at Walmart, and you can go to Simple’s Facebook page to find out more about the complete collection.”


Candace Rose: And how about for the body?

Nicole Pearl: “For the body you definitely want to make sure your skin is really moisturized, so you want to use a formula that does the job and I love the Suave Naturals body washes because they not only have hydrating ingredients, but really fun, fresh scents that smells amazing. And one of my favorites from the line is the Suave Naturals creamy cocoa butter & shea body wash because it’s got these moisturizing milk proteins that are very hydrating and also the naturally fresh scent of cocoa bean so it leaves your skin smelling amazing. And the price point is perfect, it’s $1.99 at Walmart. And you can also go to the Suave Beauty Facebook page to learn more about the collection and pick your favorite scents.”


Candace Rose: Are there any other beauty buys we need to know about this season?

Nicole Pearl: “Well, I definitely want to talk about the hair because in summer our hair is exposed to sun, chlorine and can really get damaged. So if you’re looking for that one miracle hair product, I really recommend the Dove Intensive Repair daily treatment conditioner. This gives hair the benefits of a luxurious deep conditioning treatment, but at the speed of a regular conditioner. So you just leave it in for a minute after shampooing, you rinse it out and you will notice your hair is healthier, stronger and shinier.”


Candace Rose: “What are some of the top beauty trends for fall?

Nicole Pearl: “There are a lot of cool new trends happening, and I would say the two main color stories in terms of makeup are purples and also blues. So you can go either route with eye shadows or even lip glosses that have a hint of purple in it, and those are the two bold colors that we’re seeing. If you’re afraid to do it in makeup, a good tip is to put it on your nails.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Nicole Pearl: “Well, I do tons of giveaways on my blog, I talk about trends and beauty advice and test thousands of products and share them on my blog, so please visit for any more tips, questions or to learn more about what I’ve talked about today.”


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