Interview: Fabulous Fall Beauty Finds with Style Guru Jene Luciani

Style guru Jene Luciani joined me yesterday to discuss the must have beauty products for fall, and the top trends for next season!


Style Guru Jene Luciani with the TOP beauty finds for fall!



Candace Rose: With fall nearly upon us, what can we do to look and feel our best next season?

Jene Luciani: “Well, a lot of people are thinking about switching up their wardrobes, but it’s not just about getting new clothes, it’s also about transitioning our beauty routines as well. The first that you want is a great antiperspirant and deodorant. I love this Dove Clinical Protection because it’s the only clinical strength formula on the market. It has Dove moisturizers, vitamins E and F. Also, in addition to being really great for your skin, it offers that 24 hour odor and wetness protection that we all want from an antiperspirant and deodorant, right? Something to think about as you’re going into fall and the holidays are coming up, and you’re going to be going around to lots of special occasions or maybe traveling- great product to have.”


Dove Clinical Protection


Candace Rose: How about when it comes to skincare?

Jene Luciani: “You’ve really got to adjust your skincare routine with the changing weather, so I love this new line Simple Facial Skincare Products because it really has all the good ingredients that skin needs and none of the bad. So no dyes or artificial perfumes or harsh irritants, and it’s perfect even for sensitive skin, which is really important. And my favorite from the line is the new Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer because it offers 12 hours of moisturization – so great as we’re getting into cooler temperatures. And it’s $12.99 at the drugstore, so can’t beat the price! You can go to the Simple Facebook page for more info on that line.”


Simple Facial Skincare Products


Candace Rose: What are the must haves in makeup and hair?

Jene Luciani: “Well, of course you want to switch up your makeup too because you’re going to be switching up the colors that you’re wearing, so I love this line from Mark. This is the new Wet/Dry eyeshadow and it comes in 28 shades. You can apply it wet or dry- so wet for sort of a bolder color or dry for a more shimmery or sheer color, and of course just like all Mark eyeshadows it’s smudge-proof and crease-resistant so you’re really going to get the longevity out of it as well, and that’s $7.”


Mark Wet/Dry Eyeshadows


Candace Rose: Are there any other top trends or must haves we should know about?

Jene Luciani: “Well, we have to cover hair. We can’t forget about hair- talking about beauty from head to toe and three out of four people (believe it or not) have thinning hair, so I found this great product from NIOXIN, it’s called Diamax and it’s an intensive leave-in thickening treatment that actually increases the diameter of each hair strand to give you those lushful locks that we all want, right? It also double duties as a styling agent so you can do lots of things with it and it’s a great product to have in your beauty arsenal.”


Nioxin Diamax


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Jene Luciani: “Well, for each of these products that I mentioned today, you can go to:, to the Simple Facebook page, to or to which is available at salons near you.”


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