Interview: Back to School Tech Must Haves and Creative Tools with Tech Expert Manoush Robin

 Tech expert Manoush Robin joined me recently to share the latest back to school tech must haves and creative tools your student needs from elementary school to college!


Manoush robin back to school technology interview

Technology expert Manoush Robin with the latest and greatest gadgets for back to school!





Candace Rose: What are the latest trends and must haves you're seeing for back to school?

Manoush Robin: "Well, really Candace, the mantra this year for back to school is getting kids to collaborate, to really apply what they've learned and really make something. And we've got the gadgets to help them do that.

    I'm going to start out with a fun video game. You may not know LittleBigPlanet, but I promise all the kids out there do. Their new mobile version is coming out September 23rd for the PlayStation Vita, with a new story mode, new characters, and this is key- the ability to create your own games using the same tools the game designers use. And with the PS Vita 3G and WI-FI kids can share what they make with other players. So this is perfect for kids who want to be architects or designers because they're really learning as they play and they're collaborating.


Sony ps vita littlebigplanet

LittleBigPlanet on the PS Vita


    And, Candace we know that science, tech, math, engineering- these are where the jobs of the future are, and so we really want to get kids interacting with these concepts. And another way to do that is with the TI-NSPIRE CX graphing handheld from Texas Instruments. This is a special calculator- it comes with its own student software so you can take it to class and transfer your work to your computer and have virtually the same experience at home. And educators recommend that kids start using it in middle school, and they can even keep it all the way through college as it comes with free software updates for life and this is the calculator (the handheld) that's allowed on those big tests like the ACT's and the SAT's."


Texas Instruments TI-NSPIRE CX Handheld Graphic Calculator

Texas Instruments TI-NSPIRE CX Handheld Graphic Calculator


Candace Rose: Are there any other games that you're seeing that encourage creativity?

Manoush Robin: "We're really seeing that kids are taking their smartphones and their tablets to class and onto campus, but sometimes they have a problem because they don't have enough space for all the data, and all the information that they're expected to have with them at all times. We found a solution for that, it's called G-Connect by G-Technology. It's a portable wireless storage, so students can take a ton of video and eBooks with them on their smartphones and tablets. It also has WI-FI so if there's not hotspots students can still work together on projects and share notes with up to five devices, so this is really great for study groups because you get 500 GB of space, which is a ton.


G-Connect by G-Technology

G-Connect by G-Technology


    And the last thing I want to show you- this really is the future of manufacturing and education. This is Stratasys 3D printer. It takes a 3D drawing and then it produces an actual object. And we've been making a golf club here, but really there's no end to what you can make- car parts, games, art, objects. And there's a national program to get these into schools so kids design and print out their own creations and share them with the community. But to find out more about all these gadgets and more back to school, just go to"


Stratasys 3d printer

Stratasys 3D Printer


3D objects Stratasys 3D Printer

Just a few of the amazing 3D objects students can create with the Stratasys 3D Printer!




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