Images: House Beautiful Magazine Publishes Americans #1 Hue! Did Your Favorite Color Make the Cut?


House Beautiful magazine, September 2012 issue. Image courtesy of House Beautiful

House Beautiful magazine recently surveyed thousands of interior designers, design bloggers and readers to not only find out what’s hot and what’s not, but what their favorite color is. Not much to my surprise the ever-so-calming blue took top honors. According to House Beautiful– “Nationally, 29% of respondents selected blue as their overall favorite hue, though 21% were keen on green. Red and purple were neck and neck at 8%, followed by pink (7%), yellow and gray (tied at 6%), white (5%), orange (4%), brown (3%), and black (2%). When asked which paint color is hot right now, 60% of bloggers and 45% of readers chose orange, but interior designers selected purple, which received the majority (35%) of their votes. Pink was the paint color most often declared as “so over” by readers (29%), while most bloggers (27%) pronounced an end to brown.” The results of the survey are featured in the magazine’sĀ first annual Color Report in its September issue.



House Beautiful Magazine: America’s Favorite Paint Color


What’s Hot Now and What’s So Over. House Beautiful Magazine. Image courtesy of House Beautiful



Lovely blue room in a Manhattan home designed by Phoebe Howard. Photo credit: Ngoc Minh Ngo. Image courtesy of House Beautiful



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