Celebrity Interview: Bravo’s Jeff Lewis Talks Home Design Trends and Season 6 of Flipping Out!

Renowned interior designer and Bravo TV’s Jeff Lewis joined me this week to not only discuss the latest trends in home design, but share tips on how we can incorporate them into our homes, tips for organizing clutter, and give us a sneak peek of season 6 of his hit show “Flipping Out” which premieres on September 4th.

Bravo’s Jeff Lewis shares the top design trends for 2012 and dishes on the season premiere of Flipping Out!


Candace Rose: As one of the most regarded interior designers, what are the hottest trends in interior design and how can we implement them in our own homes?

Jeff Lewis: “Well, the 2012 trends- there’s a lot of them. But I think today, what I’ve put together here are trends that I think are going to last a little bit longer. So if you can invest in some new furniture pieces or accessories these are trends that I think will be around for a little while. I would hate for you to spend some money and have to change something in six months. Reclaimed materials are the hottest thing right now- reclaimed wood, reclaimed iron; and all the furniture stores are jumping on this bandwagon. And I think it’s great because it’s environmentally conscious, we’re reusing materials that would otherwise have been thrown out and we’re repurposing them. I am a strong advocate for that. I’m seeing a lot of coffee tables, end tables, bed frames- all made out of reclaimed materials. It’s exciting.


Gorgeous reclaimed furniture accessorized with stunning metallics.


The metallics are big right now, the polished chrome. Gold is back. I’m seeing lucite. A lot of mirrors. Tufting,  nailheads. Heavy patterns, bold patterns, bold colors. But I will say, just be careful with it because you watch all these design shows and it looks good how they put it together and it looks good on camera, but you don’t necessarily want to live like that. I don’t know if you want 17 patterns and 19 colors and 16 different wood styles. I’m very against matchy-matchy, a little bit is okay. So if you want to do a couple matching end tables or a couple matching night stand lamps, that’s fine, but try to break it up. Don’t buy things in sets. Don’t buy everything in one store. I suggest that you take your time and buy things you’re connected to and start small- one piece at a time. That’s the way I got my start.


Turquoise and white throw pillow in a beautiful bold pattern accessorize this tufted sofa with nailhead trim.


By the way (just a little sidebar here) this vignette that I put together is $17,000. There’s not too many people that can walk into a store and write a check for $17,000. So use some of your old things and start implementing some of the more contemporary pieces and that is what is called a transitional style which is really the most popular style right now, which is the mixture of contemporary and traditional. I really think it was born out of the recession because people are reusing what they have rather than buying all new furniture.”


Candace Rose: And you mentioned that bright colors are in right now, do you have any suggestions for those who are looking to add color to a room but don’t know where to start?

Jeff Lewis: “Well, if you’re going to paint your room just be careful. I would suggest you do a neutral color and then bring in those bold colors through your accessories, your throw pillows, your throws, your rugs, things that you can change out that aren’t going to cost a lot of money. You know the best way to get color to a room is to bring in a vase with flowers. I go to the grocery store once a week, I buy a bunch of different bundles- they’re $4 each of flowers. They last me a week and that’s where I get my color. What’s nice is that I can buy whatever I’m in the mood for so if it’s yellow or it’s red or whatever I’m in the mood to buy. I can buy those flowers and then I can just change it out the week later. And that’s where I bring my color in. I also like books. I like picture books. I like the big coffee table books that are very colorful, and I always buy things that I’m interested in, that express my personality. So when you walk in my home you know what I do and what my interests are just based by the books that are on my coffee table. And that’s really what I like to do to personalize a space. So if I’m meeting with a client, the first thing I do is I find out their interests, their likes, their dislikes and then I also go over the list of non-negotiables – what needs to stay.


Jeff Lewis collaborated with REACH to create these trendy colorful toothbrushes.


Bathrooms- that’s huge. Bathrooms are tough because you’re going to spend a lot of money to tear it apart and you’re going to have to do new tiles and new fixtures. Simple ways to do it: linens, paint color, wallpaper is hot right now; they’re doing designer shower curtains, accessories for the bathroom. I have a line of toothbrushes with REACH that’s available at Walmart. They’re bright colors, they’re patterned, so it’s a great way to bring personality and interest in an otherwise drab space.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any tips when it comes to organization?

Jeff Lewis: “Yeah, throw most of it out. I give a lot away to charity and it seems to make me feel okay. I spend a lot of money on furniture and occasionally I spend money on clothes, and I think that’s why we can’t get over the hurdle of letting things go. I tell you what helps me- knowing that it goes to a good cause and I can get a little bit of a deduction makes me feel better when I give these things away. So it’s constant. You have to go through your closet, go through your drawers, go through your kitchen. I go through things and I give it away. I do not throw it away. I give it away to people who need it and it makes me feel better about what I paid for it because it doesn’t matter if I paid a lot of money for this coat, if I don’t wear it, why is it in my closet when someone else can use it. So I’m not an advocate for building more closets and creating more storage. Clean out your stuff and go through it, and give it to people who need it, especially right now.”


Candace Rose: Season 6 of Flipping out premieres on September 4th. Can you give us a sneak peek of what we can expect next season?

Jeff Lewis: “Well, September 4th, Tuesday night 8/9 central, season 6! Can you believe it? It’s been six seasons. If you go to BravoTV.com there’s a teaser on there. It’s a dramatic season. The good news is Jeni finally gets married, she finds her soul mate who is an amazing guy. And we go to Chicago this season which was different because I’d never been there (we actually go there twice). It’s going to be fun. I move twice. We have some employee turnover. You get to meet my grandmother, who after you meet her it kind of explains why I turned out the way I did. Thank Mommy dearest.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional information you’d like to share?

Jeff Lewis: “You can go to BravoTV.com, I have some more design tips on the website. You can also go to JeffLewisDesign.com, and for the toothbrushes you can go to Walmart, and that’s Jeff Lewis. I collaborated with Reach.”


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    Candi, great interview! I really like his show. I’m so excited about your interviews!!

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