Celebrity Interview: Bill Rancic Talks Travel, Babymoon and More!

TV personality and businessman Bill Rancic joined me recently to share his top travel tips, and to discuss the Babymoon he and wife Giuliana (Rancic) are taking this month!


Bill Rancic



Candace Rose: You’re a successful businessman, TV host, and a loving husband with a baby on the way. How do you do it all?

Bill Rancic: “It’s not easy. And my wife and I- I tell you one thing we always do is we look at our lives, whether it’s from a business side, from a personal side or from a spiritual side and we kind of reverse engineer the process. We say, ‘in 10 years where do we want to be’? And then we look back at what we’re doing today and we ask ourselves, ‘is what we’re doing today going to get us to where we want to be 10 years from now’? And it kind of helps us design a roadmap on how to navigate life.”


Candace Rose: First and foremost congratulations on the new baby. Can you tell us about the babymoon you and Giuliana have planned?

Bill Rancic: “We’re having a baby via surrogate and that’s going to happen in Denver, and we’re in about a three week window. We’re officially on baby watch, so we’re going to set up a little Babymoon in Vail and just wait for the call. When that little guy comes in the world we’re going to be close by, we hop in the car and we’re going to be there for the delivery, so our Babymoon is going to be dictated by when this guy wants to come in the world. It could be a two day Babymoon or a two week Babymoon, we’ll see.”


Candace Rose: What’s the secret to planning a successful trip for business or pleasure?

Bill Rancic: “We are travelers. My wife and I, we log in a lot of miles, and one thing we’ve learned is to be very efficient when we travel; we’ve learned to expect the unexpected and be very agile. When you’re agile as a traveler you’re able to move quickly when things go array, and also you have to team up with the right people whether it’s airline partners or hotel partners, which is why I’m here today. I’ve teamed up with Citi and Hilton Honors, and we’re launching the Citi Hilton Honors Reserve card which gives us a lot of great benefits when we travel- free upgrades, we quality for free weekend stays and we don’t pay any international transaction fees, so it makes our lives a little bit easier when we’re on the road.”


Candace Rose: You both do a lot of international traveling. How do you manage to keep it fun?

Bill Rancic: “One simple tip- when we go on the road for business we’re often traveling internationally. If it’s a two day business trip I add an extra two days on for us to go explore to see the sights and see what that culture has to offer, so it feels more like a vacation than a business trip when I get back.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Bill Rancic: “Certainly, all my business and travel tips are on HiltonReserve.com, people can go there. But just travel as efficiently as you can and make sure you maximize every mile, every hotel stay. When you’re on the road you want to be rewarded for it, so make sure you’ve got the right credit card which is what we’re doing today.”


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