Interview: Summer Fun for Kids with Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos, Learning Designer at LeapFrog

LeapFrog learning designer, Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos joined me recently to share tips on getting kids to create lasting family memories and share new innovations for summer at LeapFrog.


Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos Learning Designer at LeapFrog with Summer Fun for the Kids

Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos Learning Designer at LeapFrog with Summer Fun for the Kids




Candace Rose: Dr. where do we start? What are some ideas for creating lasting family memories?

Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos: "Well, as a parent and researcher myself, I know how important it is for your kids to stay active and learning throughout the summer. Researchers now know that kids can lose up to two months of their academic knowledge during the summer if they don't stay actively engaged in learning. So summer is a great chance for families to get together, go on a roadtrip or field trip to your local zoo or museum or farmers market so your kids have an opportunity to see things, hear things and try things that maybe they've never experienced before. And you can also invite them to create a scrapbook this summer, which will prompt their writing and creativity skills as well as preserve those memories for years to come. And we have those tips and many more available on our website: where we've created eight weeks worth of topics- a theme each week where kids can learn and have activities and games that are going to foster that learning  throughout the summer."


Candace Rose: What should parents look for when purchasing tech items for their kids?

Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos: "Kids are loving technology, they're engaging in technology earlier and more often than ever before, and they see their parents with tablets and mobile devices and they want a part of that. So parents need to look for hardware that is going to be kid tough and durable like our LeapPad; we also have gaming devices like Leapster GS. These devices are specially designed for kids hands and their sort of tough lifestyle.



LeapFrog LeapPad

LeapFrog LeapPad


    But more importantly parents really need to look for great content. It's the content that changes kids lives and that matters the most. We have content like our Brave lifescience title which is going to teach kids all important science skills as well as logic and reasoning. We have reading cartridges, and we have games available on our app center online- including one of my favorites Roly Poly 2 where kids get to move the device using the accelerometer so that the roly poly moves around the screen and they can answer math problems. So it's a game that's very fun- it's very game forward but it's also highly educational."



Roly Poly 2

LeapFrog's Roly Poly 2


Candace Rose: Is there anything else parents should be doing?

Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos: "Parents need to know that kids are hardwired to learn, and so it's our job as parents and educators to really inspire kids and support their love of learning. So find out your child's passion topics. If it's cooking for instance- get in the kitchen and use that as an opportunity to talk to them about counting and measurement."


Candace Rose: Where can viewers go for more information?

Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos: "I would invite you to go to"



Go to for more information.

Go to for more information.



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