Video: Sneak Peek to “Mrs. Eastwood & Company” Episode “Mayhem in Maui”



Mrs. Eastwood & Company

The season 1 poster of "Mrs. Eastwood & Company"! Dina Eastwood, Francesca Eastwood, Morgan Eastwood and the South African band Dina manages and relocated to Carmel California from South Africa called "Overtone". Band members include: Emile Welman, Eduard Leonard, Tino Ponsonby, Ernie Bates, Riaan Weyers and Shane Smith.


“Mayhem In Maui”

On this week’s episode of E!’s latest hit “Mrs. Eastwood & Company,” conflict arises during a vacation to Hawaii when Dina prohibits Francesca’s boyfriend from sleeping in the house. Also, a secret relationship between Overtone band members Eduard & Riaan leads to serious trouble when they are exposed. Viewers can tune in at 10/9c to watch the drama unfold.


Video sneak peek to Sunday, June 10th's episode of "Mrs. Eastwood & Company"





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