Interview: Summer Beauty, Hair and Fashion Trends with Style and Trend Expert, Brittney Levine

Style and Trend expert, Brittney Levine joined me recently to not only share the top fashion, beauty and hair trends for summer, but also share tips and product recommendations to have you looking fabulous this season!



Brittney levine

Style and Trend Expert, Brittney Levine


Candace Rose: Updos are everywhere this season from going out on the town to working out at the gym. What are some of your favorite hairstyles that will work for every class, and how can we achieve these looks?

Brittney Levine: "This time of the year, fitness centers throughout the country are inundated with new and returning clients who are looking to lose weight or stay in shape. Whether it’s getting pumped at Soul Cycle, Flywheel or Zumba at Equinox, there is a hairstyle that will work for every class. From sock buns, to low-side braids and slick back pony tails, I have gone from business meetings to the gym, to dinners (showering of course!) without fail.    

     If there’s one thing I can’t stand when working out – it’s hair in my face!  In fact, the average woman doesn’t like to be bothered with over-the-top hair care when it comes to getting ready to work out – hence why the following 3 styles below have become my favorite when in the gym zone.


1)      The Sock Bun:

-Large pouf, small knot, on the top of your head or at the nape of your neck – The best part about flaunting the sock bun is the fact that you can wear it in varying sizes and ways!

-I will admit, I still get nervous when doing my own hair and most of the time, leave it up to the “experts,” (childhood anxiety) but the sock bun happens to be one of the easiest and quickest styles to conquer – perfect when you need to be in and out of the gym!

-You can use your own sock or specialty stores like Ricky’s NYC are also selling “donuts” for the perfect shape


-4 Simple Steps to Create the Sock Bun:

1) “Pony Up:”Whether you’re using a donut or the toe area of a sock that you cut out and roll to create your own, start off by putting hair into a ponytail (of the height you desire).Slip the donut over the ponytail and secure it by placing your hair through the hole.

2)  “COUSIN IT:” Flip excess pony tail hair over and completely smooth the pieces around the donut/sock so that it’s covered entirely.  In essence, you want to have your hair hanging evenly around the hole—if you have longer hair, you will definitely be embracing your “Cousin It,” look!

3)  “Wind Up:” Take all loose strands of hair and wind around the outline of the bun, making sure to fill in all gaps.  As you roll, tuck loose strands underneath the donut and secure with bobby pins.

4) “Nip & Tuck:” You can tidy up loose ends and strands by pinning them around the base.  To make the bun fuller, gently tug and tease strands from the center portion of the bun outward.


Wavy Hair
Exercise hair

2)  Low Side Braids:

-Braids are an ever so popular gym hairstyle, even more so now that summer is finally here!

-Low side braids give the standard ponytail a little pizzazz

-Also very fast and easy to throw together-

-Celebrity fans include Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Lauren Conrad

-Braid can be loose or tight, depending on your preference – I have been touting a lot of fishtail braids off to the side lately, as they help my hair to stay better intact.

-Start by grabbing hair and moving to the left or right shoulder (whichever feels comfortable)-

-If you want the braid to remain tighter, start by braiding closer to the ear line; for looser – in between your shoulder and ear line accordingly

-Finish off the look with simple hair spray and smoothing creams for the edges that fit into the braid line like the CHI Magnified Volume Finishing Spray

-If you have very long hair, a side braid can help keep everything under control.


Kim kardashian hair up

 3)  Slick Back PonyTail:

-A tight, slicked back ponytail is in my book, the most ideal look for gym goers. 

-No fuss and truss

-Looks best when hair is pulled back to the direct back center of your head.

-Start by smoothing out hair with serum of choice like the BioSilk Silk Theraoy

-Pull all hair back, brushing through bumps and tie.

-Trick of the “hair trade:” Keep the hairstyle really neat by running over your head with a toothbrush! Its bristles will keep flyaways in check."


Candace Rose: With wedding season upon us what are some of the hottest movie inspired hairstyles for the big day?

Brittney Levine: "Wedding season is definitely upon us – my calendar is basically booked the entire summer!  I will never stop loving Kate Hudson’s overall look and hair style in the popular throwback, “You, Me and Dupree.”  Being that the scene centers around a beach wedding, the curls have just the perfect loose flounce to them and the flower adornment makes the entire up do!


    Another favorite style of mine – and definitely cliché – but Kate Middleton works the half up/half down, side part to perfection.  I’m a major fan of this style in general and her side part helps to better frame her face."


Kate Middleton wedding

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton on her wedding day.

Candace Rose: Beachy waves have been in for the last few seasons and they're still as fab as ever! As much as we'd all love frizz-free, shiny wavy locks, for many of us it's been unattainable. Do you have any tips for creating this look?

Brittney Levine: "For those summer beach weddings, I know many girls that try “too hard” to attain that natural, beachy wave feeling for their look and end up having a frizz flyaway crisis. The style is meant to be relaxed – I’m loving the new BioSilk Beach Texture Spray. All you have  to do is spray it on after you towel dry your hair lightly – Promises that your hair will at least look like you’re a hot surfer girl for the evening!"


beachy caftan

Candace Rose: What are some of the top fashion trends for summer?

Brittney Levine: "Three of my favorite trends for summer are hands down, sheers and nudes, loud, colorful caftans and crop tops.

     When it’s hot I like nothing more than to throw on a sheer top with a shocking bra underneath or easy tank.  I have also been LIVING in my new caftan from Beloved Star – they are perfect swim cover-ups that literally make you feel like a movie star!  Easy enough to throw on at the beach and go for sunset cocktails.

     Crop tops have also been another “repeated” item in my wardrobe as I just like to throw on with jeans and sandals – best for brunch or shopping attire.

     Also – just recently bought a fabulous pair of cat eye sunglasses and they are definitely my new obsession!  They go with just about every outfit I have in my closet and can be dressed up for business meetings as well."


Candace Rose: What are the must have makeup looks this season?

Brittney Levine: "One of my favorite beauty bloggers that I constantly follow,  Dara Kaplan, of Belle Du Jour NYC has three must have makeup looks that I have been ogling over this summer season- I follow her advice every week- some of her notes below –

     1)      Dewy Skin– For a light weight but almost complete coverage, Garner BB Creme is perfect for summer with built in SPF.  This covers imperfections without masking your skin which is so not summer-y. Let your skin shine through! As always you need a highlighter to focus the light on your face and highlight your best features. Two of her favorites are Becca Illuminator in Pearl and RMS Beauty is Living Light. RMS has no additive so it is straight pearl pigment in a small jar which is perfect for travel and toting with you to the beach.

    2)       Nude Lips– Nude lips are so on point this summer.  No heavy colors here.  The new breed of lipstick is perfect, balmy textures that hydrate and are light weight. Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee is perfect. If you’re going out at night, Chanel’s newest formula, Rouge Coco Shine is perfect in Empreinte, a nude beige with just enough pink to avoid zombie lips. Beautiful for a summer night!

    3)      Hydrated Skin– The key to any perfect beauty look is hydrated moisturized skin, a favorite of hers is Josie Maran's Argan Oil.  All natural, organic goodness from the inside out.  Moisturizes without the greasiness of a typical oil. Absorbs and does not leave the greasiness of a typical oil behind. Also serves as a multipurpose for lips, ends of the hair and cuticles."


Candace Rose: Manis and pedis are always popular around this time of year. What are some of your favorite nail color trends?

Brittney Levine: "With neon nails, bright colors and nail art reigning supreme this season, nail polish is the latest must-have accessory.  I recently discovered Polish & Co., offering an array of colors, such as 'Too Shy' – the perfect nude color, demure enough for work yet never to be ignored; 'Honey Please' – a blend between bolder mustard and the soft sweetness of honeycomb; or  'Oh Hell No' – a soft, sweet, pearlescent pink polish that’s a lot of sweet and just a little vicious."


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Brittney Levine: "Please check out for more information on all hair products. You can always check out my website for past segments or new blog posts – (my goal this summer is to get back to updating it regularly!)  I also tweet lots of Instagram pics, daily whereabouts and fashion finds on my Twitter @BrittneyHLevine or on Facebook – Brittney Hope Levine." 



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    Thanks very much for sharing this useful information with us. We all love to dry our hair with hair dryers once we are out of the shower. But in summer season, don’t make the hair dryer your favorite hair gadget whether you are going to have a casual or a formal hairstyle.

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