Interview: Stylish Gifts for the Dad and Grad with Style Expert Kevin Lennox

With Father's Day right around the corner and with graduations taking place the rest of the month, Style expert Kevin Lennox stopped by yesterday to share the top last minute gifts for the dad or grad in your life!



Kevin Lennox Style Expert

Style expert, Kevin Lennox shares the must have gifts for the stylish guy on your list!




Candace Rose: With Father's Day and graduation season upon us, what are some of the top gifts for the stylish guy in your life?

Kevin Lennox: "Well, I love always giving fragrance as an option, but especially for Father's Day. And this year especially because I have a great option from Derek Jeter! So if your guy loves Derek Jeter or just wants to smell great, you should definitely check out Derek's latest fragrance, it's called DRIVEN BLACK and it's from AVON. And what I love about it is it's a sophisticated mix of exotic saffron, blood orange, rich woods that really combine together fantastically, and that's of course his sequel to the original fragrance called DRIVEN, which is a lighter sort of fresher scent. Both are from AVON and both retail for under $30, so they're totally affordable. You can get them from your local AVON rep or check out for more info.




    In a different set of direction, let's say the guy in your life would love to have a Ferrari but your tax return wasn't quite big enough to afford that Ferrari price tag- I've got you covered. You should check out what BaByliss is doing, they are partnering with engineers from Ferrari to create a technologically advanced line of men's clippers. And what's fantastic is what's inside this clipper, which is the BaByliss PRO Volare Clipper, it has a high torque engine that was designed specifically by Ferrari's engineers to work harder and faster to help your guy customize his look with ease. And the best part about it is you can say 'look, I got you this Ferrari, but it didn't cost that much'. It retails for under $200, so it's affordable yet you still get the Ferrari name. It's available at


BaByliss PRO Clippers

BaByliss PRO Volare Clippers



    And speaking of the whole grooming world, you should really check out this next package that I love, this is from Anthony Logistics for Men and it's their Perfect Shave Kit. And what I love right off the bat is it's packaged in this dopp kit, so it's already packaged and you don't have to think about it. They can keep the dopp kit forever, and inside is a quartet of four of their best selling products. You've got their Glycolic Facial Cleanser, you've got their Pre-Shave Oil, their Shaving Cream and their After Shave Balm. And basically it's going to eradicate any issues like ingrown hairs, razor burn and on top of how fantastic all that is this is a $90 value that retails for just $55 at Sephora, ULTA and, so you're talking great price, great value, great products, it's packaged already- fantastic option.


Anthony Logistics

Anthony Logistics The Perfect Shave Kit


    And last but not least to complete any look with confidence you've got to have a great antiperspirant, which is why I love what Degree Men is doing with their Adrenaline series. They've completely revolutionized antiperspirants with their motion sense technology. Now check this out, Candace. The motion sense technology knows when you're moving, so when you put it on and you start to move, it releases bursts of freshness and protection all day long as you're going. It knows when you're moving- it's crazy! And their latest is the extreme, which is my favorite, but the whole Adrenaline series line is available at retailers nationwide."


Degree Adrenaline Extreme

Degree Adrenaline Extreme


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Kevin Lennox: "You can definitely check out for more info on all these great gifts."


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