Interview: Small Investment, Big Impact Design Ideas with HGTV Design Star Winner & TV Host Kim Myles

HGTV Design Star winner and TV host/designer Kim Myles stopped by recently to share some of her favorite tips for creating big impact design on a budget, the latest design trends for 2012, how to infuse your home with your personality, entertaining tips for small space dwellers and much more!


hgtv design trends kim myles candace rose interview

Design Star winner & TV host/designer Kim Myles shares the top design trends for 2012 and simple tips for making your apartment or house a home.



Candace Rose: What are some budget friendly ways we can make our house or apartment a home?

Kim Myles: "There are so many ways, and I think one of the keys is you just want to infuse your space with personality. I think a problem that a lot of people have is they feel fearful. They don't want to pull the trigger on making a choice about design because they're afraid they're going to get it wrong. There's no fun in that; life is too short. So I say, 'listen, start by being smart about what your purchases are'. Particularly for apartment dwellers, I really feel it's important that all of the furniture pieces that you bring in need to multitask. They need to work hard for the money, right? Right here you see I have a bookcase- this is design gold! This is a bookcase that has no back, so it's open on both sides. What I love is, yes I can put it against the wall, but I can also float it out into a room, and the space that's small and doesn't have an entryway? Suddenly I have a partition wall; I've created a foyer. I can put it in a bedroom on the wall and I can float my bed in front of it and suddenly I have a really cool modern architectural headboard. It's giving me storage, it's giving me display and display is where I'm really able to infuse the space with a sense of personality. It's just simple little tricks like that, and really trying to think outside the box."


Design Star winner Kim Myles Candace Rose interview

Design Star winner and TV host Kim Myles shows us how to create a beautiful space with functional bookshelves, neutral furniture, area rugs and bright accessories!


Kim Myles bookshelf candace rose anderson

Kim loves bookshelves because of their functionality.


Candace Rose: Do you have any suggestions for incorporating second hand pieces in homes?

Kim Myles: "Yeah, absolutely. I think second hand pieces are fantastic. I love the green factor, I love the smaller footprint. I love that things can have one life and then continue in life. The bottom line is, I say 'mix it up'. You want a mix of styles. What makes a home feel interesting is when each piece is telling its own story. So don't be afraid to go out there and hunt down the bargains- bring them in. And the only rule you need to follow is, you ask yourself- do I love it? If you love it, odds are good it's going to work together. You're going to be happy every time you see it." 


Candace Rose: I'm guilty of being indecisive, especially when it comes to design and decor. How can I create a style that changes as often as I do?

Kim Myles: "Well, the bottom line is what you want to do first is with the big furniture pieces, you want to keep them neutral. So you're making these big purchases, they're investment pieces- make a neutral choice in color because you're going to have them for a long time and you want them to work well with whatever style you are in the mood for. And then also, I think key to making sure you get a little color, you get a little excitement in the space. A great way to do that is with area rugs. I love area rugs because they're such a small commitment, they come in every price point. You get color, you get pattern; they come in multiple styles and instantly you've got something that's different and lively, and you can change it out with the season or with your mood."


ombre area rug turquoise kim myles design candace rose interview

Beautiful ombre area rug in turquoise!


Candace Rose: Speaking of patterns, chevron has been really popular the last few years; what are some of the hottest patterns this season?

Kim Myles: "Well, you know what? Always the Moroccan trellis, that never goes out of style. That's always huge. I think we're going to see damask; the naturalistic, more florals that feel a little bit more modern. I think we'll see a lot more of that, it's kind of a move towards more nature based design. I'm excited! I love the new florals that are huge and big.

    Something that I definitely want to tell everybody who's watching is that is a great resource if you are looking for a new place or looking for design tips. And as we're talking about how to have a budget to make your space your own, they have a sweepstakes- it's called – that's where you go. All you have to do is vote on your favorite design theme, we're going to give you four options. Once you vote you're in the running to win $10,000 in cash. So that's a lot of rugs, that's a lot of bookshelves- that's a lot of everything. You can definitely make your space your own with 10,000 clams."


One of four designs kim myles apartment guide candace rose interview

Vote for your favorite design theme for a chance to win $10,000 to redo your place at


Candace Rose: Absolutely! And with summer officially here, do you have any tips when it comes to entertaining?

Kim Myles: "Yeah, I definitely feel the key to entertaining is for the host to have fun. So if you are stressed and freaked out, that reads and your guests feel it and that just takes the air out of the room. I think if you are relaxed and you have a good time; even if you have a small space, even if you don't have a huge budget the bottom line is it's all about community and getting together and having fun.

   Say you have a really small space and all you have is a coffee table (you don't have a dining room) do a little picnic on the coffee table tapa style, kind of al fresco. People can sit perched around that; you can put in little stools- something that is kind of space saving. Again, another option is storage stools. They can move around the space, they can be a tabletop, they can be a chair; you can store things in them. But bottom line really with entertaining is just to have a good time. If you're having a good time, your guests will too."


Candace Rose: Wonderful. Thank you so much Kim! Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Kim Myles: "Listen, I just want people to have fun with their space. Life is too short to stress about it, so have fun. Make it your own; take some risks- you might be really surprised."


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Kim Myles: For more information go to"


Your Picks. Your Place. Inspiration! Make the most of your space with tips from the experts. -

Your Picks. Your Place. Inspiration! Make the most of your space with tips from the experts. –



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