Interview: Father’s Day Gift Must Haves with Dan Tower of

With Father's Day just a few short days away, Gift expert Dan Tower of joined me to share the must have gifts for the dad in your life. From sentimental gifts to tech gifts to gifts for the sports enthusiast, Dan has you covered.


Gift expert Dan Tower Gift Expert Dan Tower with the must have gifts for dad this Father's Day!






Candace Rose: What are some great gift ideas for the dad who has everything?

Dan Tower: "That brings up a good point- dads can be a little bit tough to find a great gift. We tried to make it simple this year by using one letter to get you on the right path to finding a great gift and that is the letter G. Think G and you'll come up with some ideas that will dads will love. First G we want to talk about is greeting card. You have to get dad a greeting card and Hallmark is the brand to get a greeting card, but this year is a really cool new product- it's Hallmark's recordable artwork canvas art kit. It is an art kit that includes everything you need to make a little painting and put it inside and recordable art frame. You record a nice little Father's Day message, you press the button. It's a cool little craft gift. The kids love to make these things and these are the kinds of gifts that kind of stand the test of time. Dad's love them- really cute and it's a really fun Father's Day gift.



Hallmark's recordable artwork canvas art kit

Hallmark's Recordable Artwork Canvas Art Kit



    The next G stands for gear. Dad's gear probably needs a little updating. The way to go there is a brand new polo shirt from Nautica. You can go one of two ways, you can go the solid deck shirt or the allover stripe polo. Both come in a lot of great colors. They are super comfortable, easy to care for, but the thing about a polo shirt, you've got to remember for dad is they're very versatile. Dad can wear it to play golf, he can wear it to go to the barbecue down the street, he can wear it to work on Friday. It is a go-to must have piece for dad. He'll love it and he'll actually use it which is a bonus for a Father's Day gift.



Nautica Polo Shirts

Nautica polo shirts make a great gift!


    And another G that I love is for gadgets and electronics. Now the hottest thing you've got to get for dad this year is the Beats by Dr. Dre solo HD headphones. These are the hottest headphones out there, everyone's wearing them for good reason- they sound amazing! You want to head down to Office Depot and pick these up. Office Depot has a nice selection of the Beats headphones, but the coolest thing for me about these headphones is the ControlTalk feature. Now the ControlTalk features a button on the headphone cord that allows you to listen to music and then take a phone call, and then get to your music without fumbling for your phone. All the controls are right on the line there. And one really cool bonus gift is this red edition is a (product) red product, which means the proceeds from these headphones go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa, so it's a gift that gives back. It's always a nice touch with a Father's Day gift."



Beats by dr. dre headphones

Beats by Dr. Dre headphones



Candace Rose: Do you have any suggestions for those on a budget?

Dan Tower: " has a lot of great ways to find gifts and one of them is with a price sort. So if you're still kind of thinking along these 'G' lines a nice gift that provides a lot of value is a grooming gift. And I know dads can be a little intimidated by grooming products, but for $25 the finest shaving kit from Sephora has seven samples of shaving product. So with those seven samples he can find something he likes, but the kicker with this is inside the gift box there's a gift card that allows him to get a full sized version of that product. At $25, great value, really low risk and high reward. He's going to love this one."



The Finest Shave Sephora

Sephora Favorites The Finest Shave



Candace Rose: Do you have any gift ideas for the sports enthusiast?

Dan Tower: "Well, for sports 'G' is another thing you want to remember for the golfer. A lot of dads golf and you want to stay away from kind of specific equipment for a golfer because they probably know what they want. But what you can do is get some apparel- a nice new golf shirt or nice new golf shorts, that's the way to go with a golf gift, for someone who likes to play sports."


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Dan Tower: "Well, again, think about 'G' when it comes to Father's Day. If you're still having a little trouble head over to, we are an amazing resource for Father's Day gifts or any occasion and the most important thing to remember is that we show you some great gifts, but we also tell you where to find all these gifts online."



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