Interview: 2012 Bridal Trends with Brides Magazine’s Vice President and Publisher Michelle Myers

Earlier today I was joined by Brides magazine's Vice President and Publisher Michelle Myers who shared the latest trends for brides and grooms on their wedding day based on the results of Brides magazine's 77th annual AMERICAN WEDDING STUDY.


Brides Magazine VP Publisher Michelle Myers Candace Rose interview

Brides magazine's Vice President and Publisher Michelle Myers shares the TOP 2012 wedding trends!




Candace Rose: With wedding season upon us, can you tell us about Brides magazine's annual AMERICAN WEDDING STUDY?

Michelle Myers: "Yes, we actually just completed our 2012 AMERICAN WEDDING STUDY, a study that we've been doing at Brides for 77 years and we've seen some really major trends happening in the bridal moment for brides and grooms. For example the biggest trend that we saw is that more couples are paying for their own weddings or significantly contributing to that big day. And it's really changed a lot of what's going on during the whole wedding planning process."

Candace Rose: What are couples willing to spend on and where are they willing to cut costs?

Michelle Myers: "You know, the bride in particular is not willing to skimp at all on how she looks that day. That is so important to her, it is her one red carpet moment in her life and she cares about her dress, her hair, makeup- all of those things so she can look more beautiful than she's ever looked in her life, and you know it's interesting we see this trend too of the guys caring about how they look on that day even more so than they have in past studies. A lot of men are actually buying their tuxedos versus renting their tuxedos and there's been a greater emphasis on the bridesmaids dresses and having a little bit more stylish modern bridesmaids dresses for the bridesmaids who are part of the big day.



Brides magazine tulip magnolia

Beautiful bride


Brides magazine tulip magnolias interview

How lovely is the branch of tulip magnolias this bride is holding?


Tulip magnolias brides magazine michelle myers candace rose interview

    Where they can save is in a lot of different places, and I always tell my brides first start by setting a budget and then prioritizing. It's all about prioritization. There are great ways that they can save; we see lots of brides creating their own playlists and then playing music on their iPad or their iPod, and not having to spend lots of money on a DJ or a band. There's a great trend in flowers- so lots of brides that have beautiful local markets that are by them, they send a friend or a family member or their wedding planner to a local market the morning of the wedding to get beautiful fresh cut flowers for their wedding day. And there's a great trend also in do-it-yourself invitations. I always tell my brides on thing though, hard and fast rule- no Evites for your wedding day. Evites are okay for your rehearsal dinner, and engagement parties, showers, etc.; but you want that stamped invitation on your wedding day, that's really important. There are lots of great do-it-yourself invitation companies out there to really be able to save costs."



Bridal gown brides magazine

Gorgeous strapless wedding gown


Candace Rose: What are some of the biggest trends in destination weddings?

Michelle Myers: "A destination wedding is any wedding that doesn't take place in your actual hometown. So we see lots of brides that want to go to other states and get married. The number one destination outside the continental U.S. for brides is the Caribbean followed by Europe, and the costs of the weddings in the outside markets, outside the continental U.S. in terms of the destination weddings are slightly lower. So when average costs of the wedding outside the U.S.- a destination is $20,000 and the cost of the wedding in the U.S. is $27,000."



Beautiful Destination Wedding

Gorgeous destination wedding setting!


Fun beach destination wedding

Fun beach destination wedding setting!


Candace Rose: How about when it comes to wedding traditions- what are couples willing to preserve and what are new trends entering the mainstream?

Michelle Myers: "So the guys out there may not like what I'm about to say, but the traditional garter toss is a thing of the past. The girls, this millennial modern bride does not want to do the garter toss and we see a trend of going away from the traditional stopping of the wedding and cutting of the cake. They may move to another area and do that (very one on one) but stopping the whole wedding, cutting the cake is something that's really not happening anymore. Some of the things that are incredibly important to a bride, and one of the moments that she looks most forward to during the ceremony is that first dance, she loves that first dance. And another thing that we see brides not ever wanting to give up is something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. But lots of ways this modern bride is able to incorporate blue,  which has been fun to watch in terms of blue nail polish and all sorts of fun things to do."


Bridal trends collage brides magazine

Beautiful bridal collage


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Michelle Myers: "Well, I always tell brides the number one thing to remember is to have fun on their wedding day. Enjoy the day, and remember if something goes wrong on that big day, don't worry, just enjoy yourself. You can get lots more information from the latest issue of Brides magazine which is on newsstands now. Check out our website and download our wedding app, which is called The Wedding Genius which is on the iTunes store, and you can get lots of information."

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