Celebrity Interview: Comedian Faizon Love Discusses His New Role as Boost Mobile’s 4Genie!

Comedian Faizon Love who has starred in such classics as "ELF", "The Replacements", "Couples Retreat" and "Zookeeper" joined me yesterday to discuss his new role as Boost Mobile's 4Genie and how you can pay less than $50 a month for a smartphone; and his new project with actor Vince Vaughn and writer Mark Brazill. Be sure to check out the video below for more details!



Actor Comedian Fazion Love Candace Rose Candieanderson.com interview

Actor/Comedian Faizon Love discusses his role as Boots Mobile's 4Genie




Candace Rose: I heard you had a really interesting commercial shoot!

Faizon Love: "Yes, very cool. I am the 4Genie granting wishes to everyone who wants affordable 4G service, Candace."



Fazion Love Boost Mobile 4G 4Genie Candace Rose Interview Candieanderson.com

Faizon Love granting wishes as the Boost Mobile 4Genie!


Candace Rose: There are surveys that suggest what type of cellphone you use says a lot about you. What comes to mind when you see someone with a particular phone?

Faizon Love: "Well, you see someone with a particular phone and it's like a status symbol. But, realistically if you don't have this phone right here, then you're not so smart because this phone has unlimited service- 4G service with payments that shrink down from $55 to $40 a month. Can you dig that?"



Faizon Love Candace Rose Interview CandieAnderson.com

Faizon Love as the Boost Mobile 4Genie


Candace Rose: Can you tell us about your role as the 4Genie in the new national ad campaign?

Faizon Love: "Well, see what I just did I just granted you the knowledge of the affordable 4Genie. Like you said, your phone bills are probably astronomical, this here allows you to get 4G service for a great plan. Your plan will start at like $55, and as long as you pay your bill on time, it shrinks down to $40 a month. Who does that? BOOST Baby!"



Faizon Love stars in a Boost Mobile 4G commercial. Candace Rose interview Candieanderson.com

Faizon Love starring in a recent commercial as Boost Mobile's 4Genie


Candace Rose: What would you say is your phone personality?

Faizon Love: "My phone personality, I've got to say is smart because I roll with the smart kids, and the smart kids roll with the Boost unlimited 4G service. That's what we do."


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Faizon Love: "You can go to the Wish Fulfillment Center on Facebook and I'll grant you your wish or you can go to BoostMobile.com."


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