Celebrity Interview: Bill & Giuliana Rancic Talk Love, Relationships & New Dating Show

Bill and Giuliana Rancic, who recently revealed they are expecting a baby boy later this summer, joined me yesterday to discuss love, the secret to having a great relationship, Nivea's National PDA Day and the new dating show they're hosting which is executive produced by Eva Longoria and debuting later this year.


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Bill and Giuliana Rancic stopped by to discuss love, relationships, NIvea's National PDA Day and the dating show they're hosting!



Candace Rose: You've partnered once again with Nivea, this time for the first ever National PDA Day. Can you tell us about that?

Bill Rancic: "Nivea, Giuliana and myself teamed up and we're kicking off this National PDA Day because Nivea had done a study and they found people are actually touching their BlackBerrys, and their iPhones, and their iPads more than they are their spouses. And Nivea understands the power of touch, and they said 'you know what, on National PDA Day, put the BlackBerrys and the iPhones and all the different devices down and hold the hand of the person you love or put your arm around the person you love and really show them that affection is being a lost art almost'. People are so focused on their lives and their devices and everything else, they're not paying attention to what's most important in life and that's the people you love."


Candace Rose: You're treating couples to a morning date in New York City's Herald Square. Can you tell us about that?

Giuliana Rancic: "It's called Coffee & a Cuddle, and it's going to be a lot of fun. We're going to be there in Herald Square in the morning. We're super excited and then we're going to end this whole event in Los Angeles with a musical performance by Ne-Yo, which is super exciting, at the Grove in L.A. This National PDA Day, we're doing special events in 11 cities, so if you go to NationalPDADay.com you can see if we're doing anything in your city, and if we're not, it's okay because you can register to win a date night on us and on Nivea. We're going to cover the fee for the babysitter, your dinner- whatever you want, we just want you to have a fun date night and reconnect."


Candace Rose: You're both such a great couple that so many people look up to, what would you say is the key to having a great relationship and how important is PDA?

Bill Rancic: "Well, I think one of the most important ingredients is to put effort in. A lot of people say 'oh, relationships take work'. We don't like to use that word. Work is a four letter word; we say it takes effort. It's the little things like when Giuliana wakes up I've got coffee waiting for her in the morning, and she gives me back massages after a long trip."

Giuliana Rancic: "I use a lot of Nivea lotion- that's one of the perks of working with Nivea is we get so much great moisturizer and lip balm. So about once a week or once every two weeks I give Bill a nice massage."

Bill Rancic: "I'd like to put that in writing- once a week."

Giuliana Rancic: "Like Bill said, 'it's doing the little things for each other'.

Bill Rancic: "You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on your significant other, it's putting the effort and time in like simple walks, that makes a big difference."


Candace Rose: Do you have any relationship advice for couples (such as yourself) who are juggling work, and are parents-to-be or new parents?

Giuliana Rancic: "One thing Bill and I do is three or four nights a week, after a long day of work when we don't see each other, we come home and instead of sitting in front of the internet or the TV we take a walk. Whether it's a 10 minute walk or an hour walk, we hold hands, we reflect on the day and sometimes we'll take different paths. One day we'll walk out of the house, we'll go to the left; another day we'll go to the right. Another day we'll go straight, and it's nice because you just experience different things."

Bill Rancic: "You don't get caught in a rut when you do that. You've got to change up your game plan. You can't get stuck in a comfort zone, and that applies to all aspects of life, whether it's your relationship, whether it's your work environment. When you become in that comfort zone, you don't grow and you don't take things to the next level."


Candace Rose: You recently wrapped up season 5 of your reality show 'Giuliana & Bill', and I heard you're hosting a new dating show together."

Giuliana Rancic: "We are. It's for NBC, it's called 'Ready For Love', and it's a new dating series. Eva Longoria is the executive producer, and it premieres in the winter. We just started shooting it and we're having a great time. It's like another scale reality show. It's going to be great."


Candace Rose: How does it differ from other dating shows?

Giuliana Rancic: "We have three incredible guys instead of just one."

Bill Rancic: "We have three matchmakers, so there's a little bit of science behind it."

Giuliana Rancic: "We're looking for real connections, people who are truly going to fall in love and are matched accordingly, and not just 'oh you look kind of cute'. It's not about that, it's true connection. We just started shooting it, and it's going incredibly well."


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share with viewers?

Bill Rancic: "Well, we just encourage everyone to go to NationalPDADay.com, and we want them to win a date night with us and Nivea. Please go there and we're going to treat you to a great night out on the town."



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