Behind the Scenes Photos of Justin Bieber’s Exclusive Live@Home Concert in Paris

International agency, "My Love Affair" recently announced that musician and pop icon, Justin Bieber had performed in an exclusive concert to be featured on their partner site Live@Home. The performance was filmed at a Parisian skyscraper without an audience to allow the performer to feel 'at home'. As of today the concert is viewable to subscribers on


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber gearing up for his Live@Home concert in Paris, France.

Justin bieber live@home concert

Justin Bieber performing at the top of a Parisian Skyscraper

Justin Bieber Paris Concert

Justin Bieber's Live@Home exclusive performance can be viewed at

To view Bieber's performance and past performances on the site including Maroon 5, Duffy, James Blunt, N*E*R*D and many more, be sure to head over to


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  1. July 4, 2012 / 3:00 am

    I went to a JB concert last summer, and i do have to admit that i probably will never forget it:) His tickets were cheap … me and my best friend lost alot of sleep the night before in anticipation of it:)

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