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Happy 1st of May! With May being National Salad Month, I had to celebrate the month by featuring my review of the Growums Salad Garden Kit. I was recently approached about reviewing the product (yes, it's meant for kids, but I'm practically a kid myself 😉 ) and jumped at the chance! I've been talking about growing a garden for months, and thought I might as well give it a try. What do I have to lose? There's nothing I love more than homegrown tomatoes, it's definitely my favorite part of summer. Who doesn't love caprese salad, pico de gallo salsa, homemade marinara sauce and just a juicy slice of tomato as a snack? 


Here's my step by step review of the Growums Salad Garden Kit and I will definitely keep you updated on its progress. Hopefully in a few months I'll be enjoying delicious homegrown romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots! 🙂


The Growums Salad Garden Kit includes a self-watering tray, 4 different vegetable seeds, 8 seed-starting pellets and 8 character plant ID Tags (Please excuse the iPhone pics)  Growums garden kit


Growums Garden Kits has an interactive website where you can log on with your Growums secret code, which allows you to watch videos with the Growums characters (for the kiddies) who discuss everything from how to plant your garden to how to solve problems that may arise. According to the Growums directions "Your Growums videos start immediately. From then on, you will receive an email every 7-10 days to show you how to grow your garden, and more!" 

Log in Candace Rose Growum Screenshot via


Pellets in the self watering tray

Growum Pellets Candace Rose


When warm water is placed over the pellets, the pellets expand

Pellets expanded Growum Candace Rose


Cucumber seeds that were included as part of the Growums Salad kit are ready to be planted!

Cucumber seeds


Check out the garden! Fingers crossed the Roma Tomatoes, Romaine Lettuce, Cucumbers and Carrots flourish 🙂 Stay tuned!

Garden Pellets Candace Rose Growums


Track Your Growums on

Track Your Garden Growums Candace Rose GrowumScreenshot via


Some of the garden kits featured on the Growums website – Salad Garden, Taco Garden, Pizza Garden, Herb Garden, Ratatouille Garden and Stir-Fry Garden

Various salads Candace Rose GrowumsScreenshot via

For more information or to purchase your own Growums Kit, be sure to head over to:


Disclaimer: I was given the Growums Salad Garden Kit for review; I was not paid to review the product. Opinions are my own. 


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  1. May 1, 2012 / 1:13 pm

    This is a really cute idea. I’ve started teaching my daughter to garden and she has her own little garden space and it’s so fun to see her face when it produces. It’s been a wonderful experience for our family.

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