NBC “Fashion Star” Episode 8 Recap & Shopping Links!


John Varvatos, Nicole Richie, Jessica SimpsonNBC 'Fashion Star' Judges/Mentors: Jessica Simpson, John Varvatos and Nicole Richie. Photo credit: John Russo/NBC. Image courtesy of RollingStone.com

Happy Wednesday! For those who are new to my recaps, welcome! Please scroll down to the bottom of the post for links to my previous recaps. On last night's episode (episode 8) the designers challenge was to "create a campaign that captures their brand in a single image". According to "Fashion Star" Executive Producer and Host, Elle Macpherson "This series is discovering the next big fashion brand and while the core of any iconic design house is the clothes, the campaign and images associated with that brand are just as important." During last night's episode a few of the designers struggled with creating the perfect brand while others such as Luciana Scarabello got it right.

    Cindi Leive, Editor-in-Chief of Glamour met with the designers in a group prior to meeting with them individually and offered this bit of wisdom "The mentors you have on the show right now, they each have very strong brand DNA- John Varvatos, Rock & Roll; Nicole Richie is about a real bohemian glamour; Jessica Simpson is the sexy girl next door and she's making a billion dollars a year because they're buying a piece of that fantasy. And now we're going to see you create a world that all of us get to fall in love with."


    "Mega brand" designer John Varvatos who debuted his spring 2012 collection on last night's episode met with designer Kara Laricks. He told her that "part of creating a brand is the imaging, it's the personality, it's how you express it." With his mentorship, Kara Laricks was initially offered $50,000 by Saks Fifth Avenue and H&M, they each raised their bid to $70,000 and her tuxedo shirt was ultimately sold to Saks Fifth Avenue for $80,000. Nzimiro Oputa mentored by Nicole Richie, gave Oputa this bit of advice "A campaign is really a game changer. It's the designer's opportunity to stop people dead in their tracks when they're walking on the street." With Richie's guidance Nzimiro had the biggest sale of the night with his "versatile" cardigan to Macy's for $100,000. Luciana Scarabello sold her piece to Saks Fifth Avenue for $50,000 and Ronnie Escalante was bought by H&M (for the first time) for $50,000. 

    At the end of the show designers Nikki Poulos, Ross Bennett and Orly Shani were up for elimination but the mentors who believed in all the designers and were "locked" on who to eliminate, turned the elimination over to the buyers. In the end, designer Ross Bennett of Texas who had sold to both H&M and Macy's was eliminated and sent home with $220,000 in sales. 


Buyer Caprice Willard bought Nzimiro Oputa's "versatile" elbow patch cardigan sweater in oatmeal and heather gray and retails for $119.00 at Macy's @nzimirooputa

Nzimiro Oputa Oatmeal Colored Macy's CardiganElbow Patch Cardigan Sweater by Nzimiro Oputa (in Oatmeal) ($119) – Macy's


Heather Gray Cardigan Nzimiro OputaElbow Patch Cardigan Sweater by Nzimiro Oputa (in Heather Gray) ($119) - Macy's

  H&M Ronnie EscalanteNBC "Fashion Star" designer Ronnie Escalante. Image courtesy of H&M


H&M buyer Nicole Christie purchased this gorgeous cobalt blue dress from Designer Ronnie Escalante, making this the first time Escalante's been bought by H&M all season. @escalanteronnie


Love, love, love this cobalt blue dress by Ronnie Escalante and it's still available online!!! At $39.95 it's a steal. 

Episode 8, NBC Fashion Star Ronnie Escalante NBC "Fashion Star" Episode 8 Dress Designed by Ronnie Escalante (cobalt blue) ($39.95) – H&M


Saks Fifth Avenue buyer Terron E. Schaffer purchased a tuxedo shirt from designer Kara Laricks @KaraLaricks and a floral print and black dress from Luciana Scarabello @L_Scarabello.


Saks Fifth AvenueKara Laricks Collard Shirt retails for $235 (in white) at Saks Fifth Avenue; Luciana Scarabello's dress in floral print and in black retails for $325 (floral print) and $295 (in black). Screenshot image courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Congrats to Mentor Jessica Simpson and Fiance Eric Johnson on the birth of their daugher, Maxwell Drew Johnson!


*Sneak peek to next week: First and foremost, the show is moving to 8/7c! With only two episodes left the remaining six designers work directly with the buyers. There will be no mentor save and three will be eliminated. – According to NBC Fashion Star


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