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 On Friday I was joined by's Editor-in-Chief Rachel Hayes who stopped by to discuss her favorite beauty and hair products for summer and the latest trends in makeup this season! Rachel HayesRachel Hayes of shares the top beauty picks for summer! Image courtesy of



Candace Rose: With summer right around the corner, what can we do to update our look?

Rachel Hayes: "Well, for summer it's really all about skincare and more than half of women- more than 58% of women have sensitive skin and there's a new line that's called Simple that really addresses their needs. It's great, there are no harsh irritants, no dyes, no artificial fragrances and there are two products that are great for summer skin. The facial wipes nourish and replenish your skin. You can stash them in your bag, they're great. They have vitamin B5 so they're really nourishing. They also have a great facial wash gel that is really refreshing and that helps to keep your skin balanced when it can get a little bit oilier in the summer months. So is also super affordable. All the products are between $5 and $12 so thumbs up for them.


Simple skincare sensitive skinSimple Skincare for sensitive skin

    When it comes to getting a great body lotion for summer, a lot of women feel like they have to trade off between finding one that feels great and one that works well. And no more because my new favorite is Vaseline Total Moisture. It does both- it works well, feels great. The Vaseline Moisture Total Pure Aloe body lotion has pure aloe and this great Stratys-3 corneum moisturizing complex that really gets to the deep layers of your skin- you look soft and glowing from head to toe. I love it.


Vaseline total moistureVaseline Total Moisture

    And women also need a reliable deodorant during the summer, of course. This is a funny statistic- 43% of women have said that they've actually tried to move less in order to sweat less when their deodorant wasn't working, which I find incredible because who can slow down these days? And that's why I love the Degree Women Expert Protection with motionSENSE deodorant. Now this is the only deodorant that actually starts working when you start to move. It is activated by motion. So as soon as you start to move it starts to release these bursts of freshness that keep you protected all day long and this summer they have a great scent (a dry linen scent). And you can go to for more information.


Degree expert protectionDegree Expert Protection moistureSENSE Deodorant


    And finally you have to talk about hair during the summer. It's a big deal/big issue for many of us, but women who have scalp issues secretly face the biggest challenge because a lot of the products that address an oily scalp actually dry out their hair and make it very unmanageable, prone to breakage, dry/dull looking. Well, the professionals at John Frieda have created this line called Root Awakening that is great. Their purify + nourish shampoos and conditioner have a great blend of eucalyptus and peppermint, it's really invigorating to the root area and gently cleanses. It's very effective, but the formula also helps to hydrate dry, depleted ends, so you really get great looking hair from root to tip. It enhances shine, makes everything more manageable. And they also have a great Root Awakening lift and refreshing root spray, and what that does is give you extra body and lift with no oily residue and it's really going to make taking care of your hair during the summer a lot easier."


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Rachel Hayes: "Well, for makeup I would keep it really light and simple- a little bit of gloss and mascara and just a little big of concealer where you need it and then you're good to go."


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Rachel Hayes: "Check out for more information on these products and more beauty tips and trends."


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