Interview: Simplifying Your Life with Organizational Expert Jill Pollack

 With spring upon us and summer near, what a perfect time to not only get your home organized but your life and beauty routine as well! Organizational expert and TV personality Jill Pollack joined me yesterday to share advice on how we can simplify our lives this season!


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Candace Rose: What are some ways we can declutter and get organized once and for all?

Jill Pollack: "Well, spring is a perfect time to get organized and in fact organizing is not just about putting things in the right place, it's also about saving time. Schick Intuition recently did a survey and they found that 72% of women say they take on more than they can handle and 60% of women say they could use more time in the morning spending on their beauty routine. And that's exactly why Schick Intuition launched The Simplicity Project. It's a full campaign to help women simplify their lives. In fact that's why I'm involved so I can help provide tips and give away great products, because I don't know if you knew this but if you take 20 seconds off any task you're more inclined to do it, so that's why I love the Schick Intuition razor. It lathers and shaves all in one easy step, so you are saving time and money in your shower. You are saving time because you don't need 10 different products, you're saving money because you're not buying the products and you're saving real estate. You know when you're in the shower and all those bottles come in at you? Well that's not happening, so this is great. Also, you have the limited edition designer handle, so it's win-win in the shower. It smells good and it's summer so we're all shaving our legs more. Who doesn't want save time to like feel a little bit better about ourselves?


Candace Rose Anderson Interview Organizational Expert Jill PollackOrganizational Expert Jill Pollack shares advice for simplifying your life!


Schick IntuitionSchick Intuition razors for summer 2012

Candace Rose: I know I could use some! What are some tools we need to get organized around the house?

Jill Pollack: "Well, some great tips are the basket and the jars. Those are very classic organizing uses products, right. But the basket, I like to think of things in unexpected ways so you would put magazines in a basket or kids toys in a basket or even shoes near the front door in a basket. But I keep baskets in my pantry so that I can corral all the sort of half-eaten bags of chips or nuts or dried fruits. When you lose a bag of chips in the back and they get stale and they spill all over in the black hole of the pantry, you're wasting time because you have to clean it up; you're wasting money because you had a perfectly good bag of food there and that's a great way to think about it.

    I also love these cookie jars because they're not just for cookies or dog biscuits, they're great to corral other things like crafting items, like q-tips, cotton balls, coffee. You can see what you have and then you can access it, right? If you put coffee in here, you're not always taking out the bag and spilling it all over the floor and cleaning it up- you're rushed anyway. It's like getting a nice plate of food- it looks better, it tastes more delicious when you eat it. It's the same thing when organizing, if it's a more fun and more attractive way to do it, you're more inclined to use it. It just makes life happier, right?"


Glass Canister Glass jars are great for organizing

Candace Rose: Right. Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Jill Pollack: "Yeah, well people are always asking 'what's your one universal tip'? And I say invest in a system of uniform hangers, because all your clothes hang at the same level. And these ones are great because they're slim and you can fit more into the closet. They have a little felt on the outside so your clothes are not always slipping off into the bottom and getting wrinkled in the bottom of your closet- I like that. And also I love these peel and stick chalkboards. They're great because you can put them everywhere. They look great! I have them on the refrigerator where I can write a shopping list, I have one in the mudroom so I can write down any last minute things to remember, I even have one in my husband's closet for his honey do list. So those are just some tips to help you rethink your system and that's what organizing is as well; not just decluttering but rethinking systems, right?"


Uniform HangersUniform Hangers


Peel and Stick ChalkboardPeel and Stick Chalkboard

Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Jill Pollack: "Check out You can take your personality quiz and find out if you're the queen of clutter or if you're a yes ma'am and then you can get more personalized tips, and you can even enter to win the sweepstakes which is me coming to your house and giving you a personal organization session. So that's fun!


Candace Rose: So can I sign up?! 😉

Jill Pollack: "You can sign up. Actually if you do it now, you can take the quiz and then score up to $4 in razors and refills."


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