Interview: LuxeYard Creative Director, Kelli McDonald Dishes on the New Flash Sale Site!

LuxeYard's Creative Director Kelli McDonald joined me recently to give me the scoop on the new flash sale site!


  LuxeYard Creative Director Kelli McDonaldLuxeYard Creative director, Kelli McDonald


Candace Rose: For those who haven't heard about LuxeYard, can you tell us more about it?

Kelli McDonald: "LuxeYard is a fundamentally a community of shoppers.  We’re made up of stylists, Trendsetters and top buyers who all work together to procure luxury fashion and furniture items for our Members at up to 70% off retail.  We offer a new selection of home and fashion items on a daily basis and have no shortage of new events."


Home Decor LuxeYardGorgeous furniture and accessory pieces from Rustic American Home. Screenshot courtesy of LuxeYard.


Candace Rose: What can consumers expect to find on LuxeYard in terms of merchandise?

Kelli McDonald: "We offer high quality furniture, cutting edge fashion for women and men, shoes and accessories from well-known and up-and-coming designers, fine art, kitchenware, home accessories and more. We can have thousands items for sale on the site at any given time."


Candace Rose: What are some of your favorite brands featured on LuxeYard?

Kelli McDonald: "I am always surprised by what our buyers bring to our community.  They’ve recently been able to procure an incredible collection of vintage scarves, sunglasses, jewelry and more from some of the top designer labels in the industry.  We are talking one-of-a-kind pieces that simply are not available anywhere else."


Vintage Chanel HandbagsVintage Chanel Handbags. Screenshot courtesy of LuxeYard.


CC Skye JewelryCC Skye Double Header Spike Bracelets in Gold and SIlver; CC Skye Pave Dagger Earrings in Gold; CC Skye Alexandra Pave Spike Ring in Silver. Screenshot courtesy of LuxeYard.


Candace Rose: What are the latest trends and must haves on LuxeYard in terms of fashion?

Kelli McDonald: "Our buyers keep up with current fashion trends as the seasons change, so right now we have an incredible selection summer clothing and accessories.  There are some dresses by Wenlan and Gypsy Junkies that are a must as well as Frankie B. jeans.  For men, we have jeans by William Rast, which is Justin Timberlake’s brand and an amazing collection of shorts, swimwear and shirts at incredibly low prices in addition to messenger bags and wallets.  Also, we have IceLink jewelry on the site right now—their pieces are incredible."


Fashion Kids, Jeans Missoni ScarfHappily Ever After Accessories, Frankie B Jeans, Missoni Scarves. Screenshot courtesy of LuxeYard.

Candace Rose: With wedding season in full swing, what would you suggest a guest purchase?

Kelli McDonald: "One of the best things about LuxeYard is the versatility of the products we offer. If you’re looking for a wedding gift, you’ve come to the right place.  We have place settings, linens, small appliances (coffee makers, blenders, espresso machines, etc), unique accessories and wall art.  If you wanted to do a larger purchase, we have dining tables, armoires, entertainment units, headboards and more.  You could literally outfit the couple’s entire home with items from LuxeYard!"


Antique Mercury Glass JarAntique Mercury Glass Jar by Jaxon. Image courtesy of LuxeYard.


Candace Rose: How about in terms of interior design?

Kelli McDonald: "We actually have a free room planner on the site. So if you’re planning on designing a room, you can use this tool for free and apply your measurements to make sure you’re efficiently planning your design and don’t get any “surprises”. Additionally we have a “favorites” list so you can keep track of the items you have your eye on."


Candace Rose: How does one sign up?

Kelli McDonald: "Membership is and always will be free.  New Members can sign up at and even login through Facebook if they choose."


Candace Rose: How can members choose what they want to see on the site?

Kelli McDonald: "Everything is laid out for our Member’s on our home page, and choosing between what they want to see is as easy as clicking on a link in our top navigation bar—choose from Home, Women’s, Men’s, and most recently, Kids’!"


Candace Rose: Are there any fees? 

Kelli McDonald: "Not at all. In fact we have two ways our Members can actually make money off of LuxeYard. The first is our Rewards Program. Every time you make a purchase on LuxeYard, we rewards you with LuxeBux which can be redeemed towards future purchases. The second way Members can earn LuxeBux is by referring their friends to the site.  Each time a friend of theirs signs up, they get $1 LuxeBux. When their friend’s first order ships, they get $25 LuxeBux. We’ve actually had a young woman earn quite a bit of money from the site. I wish I knew her secret!"


LuxeYard TrendsettersNony Tochterman, Kyle Richards Umansky, Nicole Murphy and our girl Giuliana Rancic are all Trendsetters! Screenshot via LuxeYard.

Candace Rose: How about when it comes to shipping and handling? What's your return policy like?

Kelli McDonald: "We have a very flexible return policy—you can cancel any order before it ships and merchandise received by customers in good condition is returnable for credit on if notified with 21 days of original shipment notification. We make sure to spell out our return policy very clearly on the site so there’s no confusion."


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Kelli McDonald: "We often run promotions that are only available to our Members on our site and our Facebook and Twitter pages, such a special discounts and giveaways. Additionally we are always running a contest or a sweepstakes. Most recently we gave our Members the opportunity to win being our featured Trendsetter.  They participated by curating incredible boards out of our products on Pinterest.  The girl who won, Brooke Russell was a featured Trendsetter for two weeks and won a great amount of LuxeBux to spend on the site!"

     Another awesome thing that sets us apart is our Concierge Buying Service. This is so special, in that the Members tell us what they want to see on our site. They can upload a photo of an item they want and once enough of the Members express an interest in the item, we will source it for them at a discounted price. It’s pretty cool."


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Kelli McDonald: "Check us out at and on our Facebook page at We’re on Twitter @LuxeYard and Pinterest."




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