Interview: Home Remodeling Ideas for Summer with California Closet’s Chief Design Officer Ginny Snook Scott

With the holiday weekend here, what a perfect time to get your home in order just in time for summer! California Closets Chief Design Officer, Ginny Snook Scott was kind enough to join me yesterday to share the top trends in remodeling, the importance of remodeling our homes to add value and how we can do so on a budget!


Ginny Snook Scott California Closets Candace Rose Interview May 2012 CandieAnderson.comCalifornia Closets Chief Design Officer, Ginny Snook Scott




Candace Rose: With May being 'home remodeling month' and summer being right around the corner, what areas of the home should people invest in when remodeling this season?

Ginny Snook Scott: "Well, with the summer coming on, people are always thinking about how do they get organized and get everything together? But often times thinking about a big project like taking on a kitchen or a bathroom can really seem too overwhelming. So we actually suggest working with a small area of the home that you maybe interact with on a day-to-day basis such as a pantry, the garage, perhaps a closet, media center or home office- all areas that California Closets can help people out in getting organized."


singer jewel california closetsSinger, Jewel's California Closets Closet! Image courtesy of California Closets


California Closets Pantry RemodelPantry remodel! Image courtesy of California Closets


Garage Remodel California ClosetsGarage remodel. Image courtesy of California Closets


Bedroom ClosetsBedroom closet. Image courtesy of California Closets

Candace Rose: Are you seeing an uptick in remodeling projects or new home builds?

Ginny Snook Scott: We're so excited because we're actually seeing an uptick in both areas right now. 2012 is showing one of the best years for growth and remodeling projects since 2006, and in February 2012 we actually have information from MarketWatch, that permits pulled for new home builds were up 5%, which is actually the highest it's been since 2008. So people are getting really excited about remodeling and they're really looking at it as if they're staying in a home that they've been in- so for instance we have nearly 30% of people have not moved homes in the last five years and that are not really looking to move in the next year or so- so they're thinking about how to take a space and maximize it by using something like a guest room as a multifunctional space. So perhaps turning it into a room that would be a guest room; a home office; perhaps turning it into a media area and what's really nice is a customized solution can actually give you the opportunity to have a desk, a wall bed so that it still becomes a guest room and a media center. And it becomes a room you can use many, many different ways and it adds value to your house, so when you do sell you get that back as a return."


Wall Bed Remodel California ClosetsWall Bed. Image courtesy of California Closets


Media Center California ClosetsMedia Center. Image courtesy of California Closets

Candace Rose: According to the Pew Research Center there's been a 10% increase in multigenerational homes. What can families do to maximize their living spaces?

Ginny Snook Scott: "Again, it's that multifunctional space and really thinking about how you can take a room and use it in a multiple of different ways. So a bedroom isn't just a bedroom anymore. We're seeing people incorporating desks, armoire, entertainment centers and having spaces really serve for many different uses. I think also taking a look at how you can have an area for instance like a garage be well organized so that you're not having to utilize the space in your home for things that could be stored out in the garage. So building in cabinetry, having extra areas where you can have pantry items there really can make a big difference as well."


Bedroom California ClosetsBedroom. Image courtesy of California Closets


Candace Rose: What are some of the top trends you're seeing in remodeling projects?

Ginny Snook Scott: "One of the things we're really seeing is how people are incorporating style and decor into the cabinetry that they're putting into their home. You go back 15/20 years the cabinets were either just brown or white, and we're seeing that people as they look at doing- whether it's a closet or an entertainment center- using some beautiful textured woods, a combination of colors- working with a lot of gray tones and dark tones. But perhaps getting them exciting and stylish by putting a beautiful pop of color in with a drawer face or a door face and a beautiful tangerine or citron color, so it really adds some style to the decor."



CITRON CALIFORNIA CLOSETSCitron drawer face. Image courtesy of California Closets

Candace Rose: Is it possible to remodel our home stylishly while sticking to a budget?

Ginny Snook Scott: "It really is. I think what people get frustrated with when they start remodeling or organizing for instance they go out and they buy little pieces, containers, different items that add to the decor; but what they do is they end up spending a lot of money getting a lot of different pieces that really don't pull it together. The big secret is working with an expert and having it done as a holistic approach and often times it can be far more affordable doing it that way. Working with a California Closets design consultant is a free appointment and so really it's a great way to get an idea of what you can do in a space and often times it will surprise you at how affordable it can be."


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Ginny Snook Scott: "I think we've got a lot of wonderful ideas- before and after pictures, which people always get excited to see the transition of a home; we've got some wonderful inspirational videos on products and some great tips on our website- so I do recommend that people visit and see what we can do for them."



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