Interview: Cinco de Mayo Entertaining with Morgan Thompson of REDBOOK Magazine

This morning I was joined by Morgan Thompson of REDBOOK magazine who shared some last minute tips for planning a festive Cinco de Mayo fiesta with delicious Mexican food and drinks, festive decor and wonderful family and friends!


Morgan Thompson Redbook Candace Rose Anderson interviewCinco de Mayo Entertaining Tips with Morgan Thompson of REDBOOK Magazine! 




Candace Rose: With tomorrow being Cinco de Mayo do you have any last minute tips for throwing a great party?

Morgan Thompson: "I do. You can have a fun fiesta in no time at all, you just want to focus on a few party must haves and I would say the food and the drink- they really make the party and that's what people get excited about! But you don't have to worry about making a big meal or having that hassle. Instead you want to have some amazing quick foods that your guests can really enjoy throughout the party and that would include things like Tostitos tortilla chips – they make the party. Everyone loves them, they're great for any party/any occasion and there are so many types! There's the restaurant style; there's the hints of flavor which come in some great flavors like jalapeno, pepper, and lime; and there's the scoops which are great because they're built almost like a bowl which you can scoop up your heavier dips like your guacamole. Those are good for those kinds of items; you can leave them out on the table, your guests can help themselves.


Tostitos Scoops Morgan Thompson REDBOOK Cinco de Mayo Candace Rose Candieanderson.comTostitos Scoops chips are great for guacamole!


Tostitos REDBOOK Morgan Thompson Cinco de MayoTostitos nachos! YUMMMMM!!!

    And you want to make sure you have a large array of dips and that includes salsas, quesos and the newest one from Tostitos is the zesty taco flavored dip. This is yummy! It actually almost tastes like biting into a creamy taco within a dip so it's an amazing new flavor. You don't have to heat it up, you can just have it ready to serve in a nice little dish on the table for your guests."


Zesty Taco, Restaurant Style Tostitos Candace Rose Morgan Thompson Redbook Tostitos Zesty Taco Dip and Restaurant Style Dip


Candace Rose: How about when it comes to cocktails and dessert?

Morgan Thompson: "When it comes to cocktails, nothing says summer like margaritas. I would say those are the biggest go-to drink for a lot of people and Jose Cuervo has really mastered this mix. They've created a brand new ready-to-serve authentic wild berry light margarita, and this is full of flavor- there's strawberries, there's blueberries, there's blackberries- it's so flavorful. It's very simple, you can pour it over ice and you can have it ready to serve for your guests. And get this- it's actually under 95 calories per serving, which is great for any of those guests who are looking for low calorie but full of flavor options. They also do make non-alcoholic versions as well- there's the zero calorie margarita mix from Jose Cuervo which you can have on hand for your guests that don't drink alcohol because you want to make sure people are drinking responsibly and that's definitely an important tip to have out there."


Jose Cuervo Light Margarita Mix Zero Calories, WIld Berry Candace Rose Jose Cuervo Light Zero Calorie Magarita and Light Wild Berry (95 calories) Margarita Mixes


Jose Cuervo Light Margarita Morgan Thompson Redbook magazine Jose Cuervo Light Margaritas in Wild Berry only have 95 calories!

Candace Rose: Do you have any tips when it comes to decor?

Morgan Thompson: "In terms of decor- yes, bright colors. Bright reds and oranges and yellows- anything that screams summer and celebration. I would invest in nice tablecloths, napkins that you can use year after year throughout the summer season- those things. Keep it simple and you don't have to worry about it; you're not running around looking for a nice tablecloth because you already have one from last year, so that's a great tip to have.

    And actually for the Tostitos you can visit the new fiesta 411 tab which is on Frito-Lay's Facebook page. You can go to for more recipe ideas from Jose Cuervo, and then REDBOOK- we have our issue on newsstands right now- the May issue which has great summer entertaining ideas and other great tips, which is on newsstands now or you can go to our website which is"


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