“Good Girl” Carrie Underwood Covers Glamour in June


Glamour June Cover Carrie Underwood"Good Girl" Carrie Underwood covers Glamour in June! Photographed by Ben Watts. Image courtesy of Glamour

Country crooner Carrie Underwood is kicking off May 1st with the debut of her new album Blown Away and is covering Glamour's June issue on newsstands and digitally (iPad, Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook Color) nationwide on May 8th. 


Carrie Underwood Inside Cover Glamour June 2012"All-American Girl" Carrie Underwood. Photographed by Ben Watts. Image courtesy of Glamour

 Check out what Carrie shared with Glamour:

On her new album, Blown Away
“There’s a happy-go-lucky feeling to some of it: A nice spring day, put the top down, turn it up, enjoy the world. But there’s a darker feeling too. We kill a couple people. It wouldn’t be a Carrie Underwood album without a revenge song on it. People really like when I do that. I don’t mean to. I don’t hate men that much. But it turns out so well!”
On the song writing process…
“I’m not a creative person who’s up until 4:00 A.M., writing songs and being weird. I write with people, sharing stories, catching up. I feel I could easily sit down and write a song by myself, but when you get three people, different emotions pour out, and you take them all, round them up, and make them into one coherent thought.”


Carrie UnderwoodCarrie Underwood poses in a vintage truck. Photographed by Ben Watts. Image courtesy of Glamour

On what she wishes were different about her voice…
“I’m competitive. When I hear somebody else do something I can’t, it drives me nuts. Steven Tyler–that screamy thing he does? I can’t do that. I have too much control over my voice. Or people like Mariah Carey, who can do whistle tones [notes that are at the highest point of the vocal register]. I’ve tried, but I can’t train myself to do it.”
On whether or not she could write a country song about her fame and fortune…
“With no irony? I don’t think so, because country music is for real people. I think it would be very hard to write about my Louboutins. Do you know what I mean? My giant house, it’s not relatable. But my husband came from a small town and hardworking parents like I did, and I don’t think we’ve lost the mind-set. We don’t have a bowling alley in our basement. We don’t have houses on the beach and one in New York and one in L.A. I drive a three-year-old Ford Escape Hybrid. We don’t care about stuff like that.”


Carrie Underwood Black and white GlamourCarrie Underwood in black and white. Photographed by Ben Watts. Image courtesy of Glamour


The everyday chores she insists on doing herself, and those she’d rather pass off…
“I love to be at the grocery store. It makes me happy to have a full fridge and a full pantry. I hate sending my laundry out. I don’t like the thought of other people washing my clothes. What am I happy not doing? Lawn care. And I have a business manager who pays my bills. I did all that myself in college, but I only had one credit card back then.”
On being in a relationship with her husband, Mike Fisher, in the public eye…
“A plus is, he knew what to expect. In Canada he was a big celebrity, so he knows what it’s like living under a microscope. And he travels a lot, which is good for both of us. We’re both independent people, so we can’t have somebody around 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The drawback is that we can go weeks without seeing each other. But he’s the only guy I’ve never had to worry about. Any guy I’ve ever dated, there would always be that doubt: ‘He didn’t answer his phone. What’s he doing? It’s late.’ I’m not the crazy-girlfriend type, but there was a little voice in the back of my head. I don’t have to worry about Mike. I don’t think twice. He’s going out? I don’t care; it doesn’t bother me. I don’t bat an eye.”


 Photographed by Ben Watts in Nashville, Tennessee, Carrie Underwood appears on Glamour’s June cover wearing a dress by Rochas, a Cosabella bustier and a Camilla Dietz Bergeron necklace. Inside the issue, Carrie kneels in an Isabel Marant t-shirt, Michael Michael Kors shorts, a Camilla Dietz Bergeron necklace, a Deanna Littell’s Charm School bracelet and Marc Jacobs pumps; she takes the wheel in a Tory Burch dress and Miu Miu boots; and embraces her guitar in a L’Wren Scott sweater, Marc Jacobs skirt, Cartier gold bracelet, and Miu Miu boots. 


To read an excerpt from Carrie’s interview, click here: http://www.glamour.com/entertainment/blogs/obsessed/2012/05/sneak-preview-of-glamours-inte.html


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