Tech Interview: Spring Tech Buys with Gadget Grrl Diana Stoneberg

Renowned tech expert Diana Stoneberg, better known as "Gadget Grrl" joined me recently to share her favorite smartphone and tablet apps, the best cell phone deals this spring and much more!


Diana Stoneberg Gadget Grrl Candace Rose top gadgets springGadget Grrl Diana Stoneberg with the must have apps, cell phone deals and smartphone cases for spring!





Candace Rose: What are some of the hottest gadgets this season?

Gadget Grrl: "Sure, you know smartphones are getting smarter all the time, and so I brought in some really cool apps I thought I'd show you. The first one is from Expedia- the cool thing about this is first of all it's free; you can download it onto your tablet or onto your smartphone. And say for example you're standing in line at an airport, you got bumped off a flight, the neat thing about this particular app is that you can rebook your flight, you can book your hotel or your car while you're standing in line. Just four taps and you're in, you're good to go- very cool. You can pick it up at Very nice little app, I like that a lot. 


Expedia Tablet AppExpedia App for Tablets


Expedia iPhone Smartphone AppExpedia Smartphone App 

    And the next app I brought in which I wanted to show you is the YP Local Search Gas Prices app. The great thing about this is you're tooling around town and you want to find a place to eat or hang out, you can do all of that but you can also find out where the best gas prices are at the station nearest you. They will do all the work- the YP app will do all the work for you and get you to the best price gas station within your area because it uses GPS technology, it's a very cool app. 


Find the best gas prices smartphone iphone ypYP Local Search Gas Prices Tablet App


YP Local Search Gas app smartphone iphoneYP Local Search Gas Prices App for the Smartphone


    So speaking of saving money, I also brought in the Sanyo Innuendo cell phone from Kyocera. It's a $79.99 cell phone and you can use this in conjunction with Boost Mobile. Boost Mobile has a cell phone calling plan from now until May 31st that I think is fantastic because it's unlimited talk, unlimited texting and if you make every six on time payments that you make the company will reduce your bill by five bucks. So you could potentially have a cell phone bill of 30 bucks a month for unlimited texting, unlimited talk- that's amazing." 

Candace Rose: That is amazing.

Gadget Grrl: "Right, that's a good deal.Very nice"


Boost Mobile Kyocera Sanyo InnuendoKyocera Sanyo Innuendo from Boost Mobile with Unlimited Talk and Unlimited Texting


Candace Rose: What are some of the best tech items for those of us on the go?

Gadget Grrl: "You know, I bought this and I think this is kind of cool- this is a handset that you literally plug into your smartphone. It's kind of cool. And this is a case that I use all the time called Book Book and you can put your smartphone in here and you can put your credit cards and your ID. It looks like a little book which is totally cool because no one will steal this because it's a book, nobody is reading, right? It's kind of a neat little thing to hide your cell phone and your smartphone in. So, I like that particular item quite a bit."


Smartphone handset Gadget GrrlSmartphone Handset


Book Book Iphone Id credit card caseBook Book case for the smartphone


Iphone Credit card case book bookThe book book smartphone case is great because you can also put your credit cards and ID in there as well. 


Candace Rose: How do we know when it's time to ditch our old devices and upgrade to a new one?

Gadget Grrl: "You know I often tell users don't ditch your old technology until you really need new technology. There's no reason for you to jump into things if you don't need them. Really do your research. If you're doing a lot of things that a smartphone offers, if you have to be on the web a lot then get a smartphone. If not, then you don't have to get newer technology."


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Gadget Grrl: "Yeah, I was just going to tell you a link to all the things that I showed you today, and that's" 


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