Interview: Spring Environmentally Friendly Beauty Buys with TV Beauty Expert Stacy Cox

TV Beauty expert Stacy Cox joined me recently to share the season's top environmentally friendly and economical beauty buys and give us the scoop on the must haves in fashion from Bethenny Frankel herself!


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Candace Rose: What are some of the top environmentally friendly beauty buys this season?

Stacy Cox: "Well, and also economical. There's like two 'e's I'm trying to teach everybody about- it's environmentally friendly and economical. When you're talking about your hair, one of the brands I've trusted for years has always been Pantene because I have really dry hair and it gets my hair really smooth and really silky. And what they've been doing is pretty groundbreaking; so this spring they came out with a collection of shampoos and conditioners called Nature Fusion- so get that on your radar. And what's really interesting and unique is that the packaging is 59% sugarcane-derived plastic. So what that translates to for us as consumers is less fossil fuel emissions and putting out a positive carbon blueprint into the environment. So it's like it's the same Pantene product that we love at a reasonable price, but the really big change is in the packaging. And when you're revamping your beauty routine this spring, it's an important little baby step to take that has far reaching benefits on our community and on the global platform. They have a great Facebook page that I was learning a lot on, and it's Future Friendly. So if you go to Future Friendly on Facebook it educates you on this push that Pantene's doing to eco-friendly their packaging."


Stacy Cox TV Beauty Expert, Interview, Candace Rose Anderson, Candieanderson.comStacy Cox on the spring beauty set!


PANTENE nature fusion stacy cox beauty tv interview candace rose anderson candieanderson.comPantene Nature Fusion


Candace Rose: And how about when it comes to makeup and skincare?

Stacy Cox: "Well, that's a good question- I think one thing you should do is when you're in winter months, you should really hydrate. When you're coming out of winter, you want to exfoliate all the trapped dead skin cells on your face, and the best way to do that is when an AHA (it should say all skin types on the packaging) product – a serum or a gel that helps micro-exfoliate while you sleep. So a nighttime treatment serum all that dead skin; so when you put your makeup on in the morning it goes on smooth. 

    When you're thinking about your face and your complexion and your appearance, your smile is a part of that equation. When I was talking to New York beauty editors- magazine editors, they were constantly singing the praises of Crest products, and their 3D whitening products as 'best of' and that kind of good stuff. So I found out that Crest came out with a new whitening toothpaste called the 3D White Glamorous White toothpaste. And seriously I feel that anything that says glamorous in it, I'm prone to buy. It reduces your surface stains on your teeth, it reduces them by 90% in just five days, which is a huge statistic. And in just one brushing alone you start to see your teeth get whiter and your teeth look brighter right away. And it lends to that whole thing that everybody is looking for which is instant gratification.

    If you want to get really serious about your whitening, you can even take it a step further with Intensive Effects WhiteStrips. Those are great because they retail for $50 – $60 for 7 treatments compared to going into your dental office and doing a whitening treatment there that retails for a whopping $500. So you're getting instant results in just one whitestrip application and saving a lot of money in the comfort of your own home."


CREST 3D WHITESTRIPS 3d white glamorous white candace rose anderson beauty tv stacy cox interview candieanderson.comCrest whitening products


Candace Rose: And going back to skincare, how often should we exfoliate?

Stacy Cox: "Good question for everybody to think about. Most people with normal skin types should exfoliate one to two times a week. And we get so busy we often forget and then we end up exfoliating once a year, and you need to do it. Our dead skin builds up much quicker than we realize, so just be aware of that.

    And then I was also in prepping this whole segment, I was trying to figure out what's going on in fashion in New York and what's the big buzz? So I got the inside scoop! And it was really surprising- it's Bethenny Frankel. She's the inside scoop in the buzz and fashion. She's now trying to conquer fashion as well, and she's launching a line of body shapers and smoothers for women that are petite and women like myself that are little bit more curvy, with a real style element to them that layer under your tanks, they layer under your blazers and cardigans, but they streamline out your silhouette and make you look long, tall and lean. They retail under $50, and again, lends to that affordability angle that people are really counting on right now."


BETHENNY FRANKEL body shaper smoother SHAPEWEAR Candace Rose Anderson stacy cox beauty fashion interview candieanderson.comBethenny Frankel Body Shapers and Smoothers are the season's hottest fashion buzz!


Candace Rose: That's fantastic. Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Stacy Cox: "I've got one more tip in my back pocket saved for you, it's a do it yourself tip- if you get shiny (whether you're a man or a woman) at 3 o'clock, if your t-zone starts to get shiny, the one way to combat that is with a dime sized amount of clear gel deodorant. So you put that on in the morning, you just pat it on to your face in the morning and it helps quell and mattify some of that shine by afternoon."


Candace Rose: Great tip! Where can we go for more information?

Stacy Cox: "You can check me out on Twitter, my handle is: StacyCoxBeauty (no 'e' in the Stacy) or you can go to"


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