NBC Fashion Star Episode 7 Recap & Shopping Links!


Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie, John Varvatos, NBC Fashion StarNBC 'Fashion Star' Judges/Mentors: Jessica Simpson, John Varvatos and Nicole Richie. Photo credit: John Russo/NBC. Image courtesy of RollingStone.com


Happy Thursday! For those who are new to my NBC "Fashion Star" recaps, welcome. Please scroll down to the bottom of this post for episode recaps! On this week's episode (episode seven) fashion moguls Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos upped their role of mentoring the designers in episode 7: Mentors Choice. Nicole Richie guided Kara Laricks to create a full suit while Jessica Simpson instructed H&M favorite Sarah Parrott to create an elegant dress, while John Varvatos had a bit of a struggle with designer Ross Bennett.



Ronnie Escalante received his third purchase of the competition from Macy's buyer Caprice Willard. [Macys.com/fashionstar


 Ronnie Escalante: One-Shoulder Asymmetrical Evening Gown by Ronnie Escalante available in black and red. ($169.00) - Macy's @escalanteronnie


Ronnie Escalante Evening gownOne-Shoulder Asymmetrical Evening Gown by Ronnie Escalante (black) ($169.00) – Macy's

  Ronnie Escalante Asymmetrical Dress Macy's RedOne-Shoulder Asymmetrical Evening Gown by Ronnie Escalante (red) ($169.00) - Macy's


 H&M buyer Nicole Christie purchased dresses from designers Luciana Scarabello and Orly Shani. Both are currently sold out on the site, but be sure to check your local H&M for store availability!


Luciana ScarabelloNBC "Fashion Star"® Designer Luciana Scarabello. Image courtesy of H&M


Luciana Scarabello: "NBC Fashion Star"® Episode 7 Floral Print Dress Designed by Luciana Scarabello ($39.95). –H&M @L_Scarabello


luciana scarabello dressNBC "Fashion Star"® Episode 7 Floral Print Dress Designed by Luciana Scarabello ($39.95). –H&M



Orly Shani H&M NBC Fashion StarNBC "Fashion Star"® Designer Orly Shani. Image courtesy of H&M


NBC "Fashion Star"® Episode 7 Blue Wrap Dress Designed by Orly Shani ($34.95). -H&M @OrlyShani


Episode 7 NBC Fashion Star Orly ShaniNBC "Fashion Star"® Episode 7 Blue Dress Designed by Orly Shani ($34.95). -H&M


 Saks Fifth Avenue buyer Terron E. Shaffer purchased a plaid jacket, 3-button jacket and wide-leg pants from former fourth grade teacher Kara Laricks, making it Kara’s fifth purchase from Saks in the competition. [saksfifthavenue.com]


Kara Laricks: Plaid Shorts, 3-Button Jacket and Wide-Leg Pants. – SaksFifthAvenue.com @KaraLaricks


Saks Kara Laricks NBC Fashion StarPlaid Shorts ($140.00), 3-Button Jacket ($350.00) and Wide-Leg Pants ($195.00) by NBC "Fashion Star" Designer Kara Laricks. - SaksFifthAvenue.com

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