Interview: Spring Cleaning with REDBOOK Magazine’s Morgan Thompson

 With spring in full gear and the work week ending in a few hours, have you sought out to do any spring cleaning this weekend? If so, you're in luck! Morgan Thompson, editor at REDBOOK magazine stopped by yesterday to share her must have tips and favorite products when it comes to cleaning and organizing our homes! 


REDBOOK magazine Editor Morgan Thompson Spring Cleaning, Candace Rose InterviewSpring Cleaning Tips and Buys with Morgan Thompson of REDBOOK Magazine




Candace Rose: With spring upon us, where do we start when it comes to cleaning?

Morgan Thompson: "Well, it can be a daunting task at times, but spring is a great time to start some new monthly habits. So, we're going to start with our washing machine- it's an appliance that we use all the time to clean our clothes but often we forget about actually cleaning the machine itself. A lot of us will use those high efficiency washers that save water and use less energy, which is great for the environment but sometimes they can build up a lot of residue and cause bad odors. So you want to make sure you have proper usage and proper maintenance, and you're really making your machine as clean as possible for your laundry. So luckily Tide has a great new product is a washing machine cleaner and it helps solve this odor problem. It's a powerful oxygenated bleach system that gets to the source of the odor and lifts away any of that residue, any deposits and it leaves you with a fresh scent. And it's super easy- you simply put the pouch into your washing machine (no laundry, no clothes inside) and just run it on a wash cycle and that's it. And your washing machine is ready to go. If you do this once a month you can really prevent the odors from happening, get rid of any odors that do occur from your laundry and keep your machine as clean as possible."


TIDE Washing Machine Cleaner, Interview Redbook MagazineTide Washing Machine Cleaner

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips when it comes to cleaning?

Morgan Thompson: "I do. Actually we're going to move to the kitchen where Cascade has come out with an all-in-one cleaning system that is called Complete ActionPacs and this is really a unique product because it gets rid of the pre-wash rinse that a lot of us do before we do our dishes into the dishwasher. And with this product there's no need for that, which helps save water and that makes a huge impact on the environment, plus you don't have to worry about sacrificing performance because it comes with three different shine ingredients that cut down on grease and prevent that film from depositing on your dishes so your dishes will come out sparkling and it's easy to use as well."


Cascade Complete ActionPacCascade Complete ActionPacs


Candace Rose: And what else can we do to keep the rest of our home clean?

Morgan Thompson: "The rest of the things that you can do- recycle, recycle, recycle. You want to make sure that instead of just tossing your stuff out, you can sell it; you can turn your trash into cash; you can sell it online; you can have a garage sale or you can also donate to charity and make a difference in someone else's life. It's also very important to stay organized. Go through your medicine cabinet, go through your pantry- check those expiration dates and if things are expired, then it's time to toss it and get rid of it. And then finally make a real commitment and get organized and prep beforehand. If you decide this weekend, I'm going to start cleaning, I'm going to finally tackle it then make sure your cleaning supply kit is ready to go- you have your trash bags; you have your list organized and that way you'll cut down on your excuses."


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Morgan Thompson: "You can find out more information on the products if you go to Facebook and go to Future Friendly, and you can also visit for more tips."


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