Interview: SELF Magazine’s Healthy Beauty Awards with Beauty Director Elaine D’Farley

SELF Magazine's Beauty Director Elaine D'Farley joined me yesterday to discuss SELF Magazine's 13th annual Healthy Beauty Awards and share a few of the winning products!


Elaine D'Farley Beauty Director Self MagazineSELF Magazine's Beauty Director Elaine D'Farley. Image courtesy of




Candace Rose: Can you tell us about Self Magazine's annual Healthy Beauty Awards?

Elaine D'Farley: "Every year we send out all of the new products that came out in the last year. This year we sent out 1,399 and we came up with 89 winners that the readers voted on, they tested and they told us what they liked. And today we're going to highlight six of them."


Self Magazine Beauty Director Elaine D'Farley Healthy Beauty AwardsSELF Magazine Beauty Director, Elaine D'Farley with 6 of the 89 SELF Healthy Beauty Award Winning Products for 2012!


Candace Rose: So where do we start?

Elaine D'Farley: "Let's start with our face. It's really important to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays, that's what accelerates aging and so this product has it all! Its got an SPF 50 and it's called Elizabeth Arden's Prevage Triple Defense. It's $79.00 and it's available in department stores and Sephoras across the country.


  Elizabeth Arden PrevageElizabeth Arden Prevage Triple Defense



    And the other thing that causes aging or show signs of aging is your face when it gets a lot of sun, you get freckles and hyperpigmentation. So this is a new product from StriVectin called the EV Get Even Spot Repair. It's $49.00 and it's got niacin in it which helps balance out the melanin in your skin, which is what causes those brown spots. 





    The other thing that you want to do to prevent aging is to keep your skin hydrated, so this is a great moisturizer from L'Oreal Paris, it's called Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Golden Balm for face, neck and chest and it's $19.99 and available at drugstores. You can use it morning and night and it's got lots of good-for-you ingredients to keep you looking your best.


L'OREAL Age PerfectL'OREAL Paris Age Perfect


     And to keep your hair looking your best you want to keep it frizz-free, so this new product from Dove called the Style+Care Frizz-Free Shine Cream Serum is only $4.00 and it's lightweight and it keeps your hair super hydrated and shiny.


Dove Style+ CareDove Style+Care Frizz-Free Shine Cream Serum

    And you want to keep your lips shiny too, of course. So from ULTA we found this great lip gloss called Cupcake, so you can have your cake and eat it too. It's only $8.00 and it's available at ULTA stores and It's also got vitamins A and E in it which helps to keep your lips hydrated, and plus readers loved it because it's not sticky.


ULTA Brilliant Color Cupcake Lip glossULTA Brilliant Color Lip Gloss in Cupcake

    But sticky can be a good thing when it comes to eyeliner because that was one of the things that people said about this Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyeliner from the awards. It comes in 15 great shades so there's something for everyone and it just doesn't budge. It's water resistant and budge-proof, and it's only $23.00 and available at Sephora.


Make Up For Ever Aqua LinerMake Up For Ever Aqua Liner


    And for the entire list of all of the Beauty Awards you can go to We'd love to hear about what your favorites are, so please tweet us @SelfMagazine hashtag SelfBeauty (#SelfBeauty) and tell us what your favorites are and then we can publish those. And then if you want to get some of the stuff you can log onto our Facebook page in May and you can get it for free. So have fun and take care of yourself, and be your best Self."


Candace Rose: Well, thank you for the great tips, Elaine and of course we'd love to check it out. Thank you!

Elaine D'Farley: "Thank you."



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