Interview: Looking Younger, Stress Free and Fab with Beauty Expert Jenn Falik

Beauty expert Jenn Falik joined me this morning to discuss her favorite beauty products which combat the signs of stress and have you looking great in no time!


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Candace Rose: With April being anti-stress awareness month, what can we do to fight the signs of stress and look our best?

Jenn Falik: "Fighting the signs of stress when it comes to your appearance can be really easy, which is key. And I think when you look better, you feel better so I brought four things today that are going to help you to look and feel (in my opinion) less stressed out, starting with your hair. When you're stressed out you tend to really get those pesky grays and also, you're typically really busy and maybe you don't have the time to do color treatments as often as you should. So celebrity colorist Rita Hazan came out with a root concealer, it took her four years to develop this product; it's the first of its kind as far as temporary touch-ups go. You use natural pigments so if you have allergies or if you're pregnant this is totally safe to use, and Rita formulated and tested all shades so there's something for every hair color on there. And this product is $24 at Sephora and


Beauty Expert Jenn Falik April Interview Candace Rose Candieanderson.comTV Beauty Expert Jenn Falik on the 'Looking Younger, Stress Free and Fab' set!


Rita Hazan Hair Root Concealer Jenn Falik beauty interview Candace Rose Candieanderson.comRita Hazan Root Concealer


    And then for your smile because a white beautiful smile is something that just projects confidence and I think just makes you feel better overall. Luster Now Premium White is a dentist developed instant whitening toothpaste that uses bluverite technology which is a proprietary formula that gives optical effect of a brighter, whiter smile instantly, after just one brushing and over time those effects just get better and better. It won Allure's Best of Beauty Breakthrough award in 2011, and that's a huge honor in the beauty industry. And the price is right, it's 7.99 at Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and on Luster's website.


Luster Now Instant Whitener Mouth Rinse Jenn Falik Beauty Interview Candace Rose Candieanderson.comLuster Now Instant Whitener


    Another fun find for spring as far as amping up your mood and your beauty routine comes to us from Physicians Formula. They are known for always coming out with fun breakthrough products and this season they did not disappoint. They have the mood makeup collection called 'Happy Booster', it's skin perfecting makeup that's designed to enhance your mood; stimulate happy thoughts. It's all about the botanical aromatherapy ingredient that mimic the effect of endorphins, so it's kind of a cool concept. And there's the little brush in the blush you see up there that's a really pretty pinky tone. The brush that's included picks the perfect amount of powder so it's so easy to apply, it's foolproof and you don't want to stress out about putting your makeup on the right way. I love that there's tools that are included that make the process easy and everything's under $12 at mass market retailers.


Physicians Formula Happy Boosters Candace Rose Beauty Expert Interview Jenn Falik Physicians Formula Happy Booster


    And finally we know a good night's sleep is key, but sometimes you can't get a good night's sleep, but at least you can do that pre-sleep ritual that's going to take care of your skin. Anti-aging brand ROC has come out with something very great to help out stressed skin- it's called the Multi Correxion Nourish Stress Repair Night and Eye Cream. It's clinically proven to address the signs of aging that are caused specifically by stress. There's an anti-aging peptide complex in there to smooth tension, fine lines and wrinkles. You'll wake up looking youthful, looking radiant; a good final step in your beauty routine to help calm you before bed and it's under $25 at drugstores nationwide."


ROC  Multi Correxion Nourish Stress Repair Eye Cream Moisturizer Candace Rose Anderson Beauty Expert Jenn Falik Candieanderson.comROC Multi Correxion Nourish Stress Repair Night Cream and Eye Cream


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Jenn Falik: "For more information, tips and fun products you can check out"


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