Health Interview: Seasonal Allergy Survival Tips with Lifestyle Expert, Elizabeth Mayhew

Spring may be the most beautiful season of all with its beautiful warm temps and gorgeous flowers and trees in bloom, but for many spring also brings unwanted seasonal allergies. Lifestyle expert Elizabeth Mayhew dropped by yesterday to offer tips on how we can all survive allergy season and what simple measures we can take around our home to protect ourselves.


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Candace Rose: With spring officially here, what can we do to prevent and treat seasonal allergies?

Elizabeth Mayhew: "Well, I don't know about you, but I woke up this morning for the first time with this kind of allergy feeling, which I don't usually have. But the truth is that it's warmer than ever, spring is just on steroids right now. The number one allergens- tree and grass pollens; so what we don't always realize is those little pollen granules settle in our clothing. If you take this white t-shirt for example- if you go outside for 24 hours (just leave it outside for 24 hours) it will collect up to seven million little pollen grains in just that time. So what you do is you're wearing your clothes outside, you walk in, you're tracking that right into your house. So it's very important to wash them and you want to wash in something like All Free & Clear which is a detergent that removes 99% of all those number one spring allergens, as I said are tree and grass, which we have some of that around here. Washing 100% takes care of that, you also want to wash your sheets as well- same thing whether it's dust mite or pet dander, that settles in so again, wash them in All Free Clear.


Lifestyle Expert Elizabeth Mayhew, Candace Rose Interview,, seasonal allergies springLifestyle expert, Elizabeth Mayhew discussing seasonal allergies and how to combat them!


    You also want to think about cleaning your whole house. Let's face it, dealing with allergies is about dealing with cleaning, so you've gotta stay on top of it. So whether you're washing your countertops- make sure that you use a damp cloth as opposed to a dry cloth. A dry cloth is just going to kick it right back in the air. Vacuuming is super important. So you not only want to vacuum your floors, your rugs, but also your upholstery and your curtains. Make sure that the vacuum you have, though has a HEPA filter. A HEPA filter will help clear out those allergens and keep the air a lot cleaner. If you do have a HEPA vacuum cleaner already, make sure you change it. That filter has to be changed once a year."


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Elizabeth Mayhew: "You know with spring, we often think of opening our windows up to letting that fresh air in. Just be aware that you're also letting a lot of these allergens in as well. So you might want to think about putting that air conditioner in a little bit sooner, particularly if it really is a bad season. Make sure you clean that filter as well. So it's just about staying on top of it. For more information: go to the All Free Clear Facebook page- just go ahead friend it, and then there's a tab for the Allergen Resource Center. And on that page there's a series of pages where you'll have all kinds of tips, information on how to deal with allergens in your home and in your life."


Lifestyle Expert Elizabeth Mayhew, Candace Rose Interview,, seasonal allergies spring All Free ClearAll Free Clear Detergent

Candace Rose: And where can viewers go for more information on you, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth Mayhew: "For me it's, and for all the tips today it's on the Allergen Resource Center on the All Free Clear Facebook page.


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