Spring Beauty & Fashion Survival Guide with Author & Media Personality Amy Goodman

Earlier today I had the pleasure of being joined by author and media personality, Amy Goodman to discuss the biggest beauty and fashion trends for spring and how to incorporate them!


AMY GOODMAN Candace Rose Spring Interview Fashion BeautyAmy Goodman on set discussing the top beauty and fashion trends for spring!



Candace Rose: With spring upon us, what can we do to look and feel great this season?

Amy Goodman: "Well, the first thing up is to really think about hair color- whether you want to embrace a new one or you want to bust out and get rid of those grays, from Clairol Professional liquicolor permanente Gray Busters NN is a fabulous new product. It's a tonal pillar that has six intense neutral shades that get rid of the gray with excellent coverage, and really offer multidimensional color. I always wonder 'how can they make this look so natural'? And they can because of Soy4Plex technology. It infuses deep condition, and shine, and makes the color very long lasting. So who doesn't want long lasting color, especially during spring and summer? You can find that at your local beauty supply stores."


Clairol Professional Soy4Plex Liquicolor Amy Goodman Candace Rose InterviewClairol Professional Soy4Plex Liquicolor


Candace Rose: What are some of the biggest beauty trends for spring?

Amy Goodman: "For beauty look for really played up lips, whether that's corals, oranges or bright red hues; peach or pink blush; playful colors; pastel eyeshadows; and really volumized lashes. And to complement all this gorgeous beauty going on here, you've got to have some great clothes to match. 

    So fashion-wise we saw a lot of great dresses down the runway. Certainly designers were embracing the dress, and from Lands' End we have some great shift dresses- vibrant colors like cobalt blue; prints and patterns like florals here; pastels are also in. Cinch at the waist with a skinny belt, topped at the neck with a great scarf, and don't forget to add those fabulous spring wedges that you're probably seeing everywhere in storefronts right now. So the entire head to toe look and ensemble costs under $150, I think that's super affordable. Don't you?"

Candace Rose: Absolutely.


Lands' End DressesLoving these Lands' End floral print and cobalt blue dresses!


Lands' End WedgesGreat wedges from Lands' End


Amy Goodman: "And then you'll notice that the dresses were sleeveless, while a lot of people also like to wear strapless spring dresses. So we're going to think about deodorant, and because we always wear it more during the warmer months; so from Dove there's a brand new deodorant called cleartone. You get your great protection, but it also helps heal your skin from the outside in. A little known fact that 32 million American women suffer from dark marks or red marks under the arms due to shaving irritation, so as we shave more during the spring and summer our skin gets irritated, and here's a deodorant that will actually help eliminate those dark marks while at the same time protecting you from odor and wetness. And it smells so, so fresh like so many wonderful Dove products do.


Dove ClearTone deodorantDove cleartone deodorant


    And then last but not least for men and women, and everybody who basically wears clothes- the ultimate solution! I love this from Clorox2, it's their new stain fighter and color booster with triple solve technology. And what this does is you simply add it to your laundry process when you're adding detergent is that simple step, and you get a stain remover, a color enhancer, and a color maintainer- all in one. And so, if you have other questions about how to care for your clothes or everyday ways to make your clothes look fabulous, you can go to Clorox.com and ask Dr. Laundry (their resident laundry expert) any question that you may have. They also have a new mobile app called the My Stain mobile app that you can download, and it's a wealth of information there as well."

  Clorox Amy GoodmanClorox


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional information you'd like to share?

Amy Goodman: "Well, you can find out more about all the things that we talked about today at LifeMinute.tv. And one of my favorite trends for the spring season is the maxi dress because you can wear it whether young or old. You can top it with a cardi; you can belt it over, and so a great maxi dresses are a fun option with the deodorant, with a great belt from Lands' End and don't forget fantastic hair color- it all comes together. So, thank you so much for having me."


Candace Rose: Well, thank you Amy. Where can we go for more information on you?

Amy Goodman: "For me, you can go to AmyEGoodman.com– for my latest and greatest, and updates on my television appearances." 


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