Interview: Tech Spring Cleaning with Tech Expert Manoush Robin

 With spring officially here, tech expert Manoush Robin of Daily Lounge stopped by to discuss the importance of spring cleaning your tech gadgets and offer tips on how to do so!


  Manoush Robin Tech Expert Interview Spring Clean Gadgets Candace RoseTech expert Manoush Robin shares tips on spring cleaning your tech gadgets!



Candace Rose: What can we do to spring clean our tech gadgets?

Manoush Robin: "Well, you know what, I think spring cleaning for your house is a little bit dated. You also need to spring clean your digital life. So I want to start with talking about your cell phone. It is definitely our lifeline. If I lost mine it would be a nightmare, but I found a new app that's going to give me some peace of mind, and maybe you too. It's called the McAfee mobile security, and what it does is it will find your phone with GPS, it will lock it; and if you do think it was stolen it will wipe your data. And all your information is backed up online so it's really easy to transfer it to a new phone, if you need to do that. And this app is also going to protect your cellphone from viruses and spyware. For example it'll let you know if another app is trying to access your contacts or photos or wants to send spam texts from your phone. There's also a McAfee All Access that protects all of your devices. The app is $29.00 but to protect everything it's under $100.00."

Candace Rose: Wow, that's not bad at all.


McAfee All AccessMcAfee All Access


Manoush Robin: "No, it's not that bad. But you know, there's so many cool technologies out there, I want to tell you one that is going to clean out your wallet. In fact it's going to mean that you don't even need it anymore. It's called NFC or Near Field Communication. It is going to replace your credit cards, your bus pass. It lets you get info instantly from any kind of poster. And what this does is you can even tap phones together so that the two of them share contacts, even video, and Rim. The makers of BlackBerry are the first to put this technology onto their phone. MasterCard has approved it as a PayPass device, and as I mentioned the tag feature is really cool because you just bump those mobile phones together and they transfer information, even videos."


BlackBerryThis BlackBerry has NFC: Near Field Communication.


Candace Rose: Can you tell us about the cloud that everyone is talking about?

Manoush Robin: "Yes. You've been using the cloud probably if you have Yahoo or Gmail, but you know it's important to clean up your data backup habits, and the cloud is one place you can do that. Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro is a little portable hard drive that protects everything on your computer by backing it up two ways to the drive, but then also to the cloud, so it keeps your content safe and accessible. And this one comes with 3GB of free cloud storage.


Hitachi TouroHitachi Touro

    But you know, I also like to talk about a low tech way to get yourself organized digitally, and that's by simply labeling all the wires that you have in a box or underneath your desk. I have a handheld labeler from Brother- it's called P-Touch PT-1090; it has a cable mode especially for printing wire labels. All the labels are laminated so you can even use them outside, so it's really a handy tool to get order everywhere in your home. Just go label crazy!" 


Brother P-Touch PT-1090Brother P-Touch PT-1090


Candace Rose: What can we do about the lack of privacy on Facebook?

Manoush Robin: "Well, what you need to do is you need to check because Facebook is always changing. With its new timeline setting it has, you can't delete old photos. You can delete them on your own profile; you can't delete them if somebody else has posted a photo of you. But what you can do is you can delete the tag, so you do have some control over it. And Facebook's constantly changing, and if you're deciding to take part in it you need to stay up to date as well. But for more information about this, and to find out more about all of these products go to"


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