Interview: Singer & Fashion Designer, Monica Matocha

Today I'm happy to introduce you to Monica Matocha, a talented up and coming musician and fashion designer! Her hit song "Impostor" has already made its way to #3 on the Independent Artists/New Releases radio chart and is continuing to climb; and her jewelry line is beyond stunning! Beyond, I tell you…beyond!!! PS Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the interview for a special gift from Monica! 🙂


Monica Matocha 2012 Singer Fashion Designer 2012 Interview Candace RoseMusician and fashion designer Monica Matocha

Candace Rose: Can you tell us about your new single "Impostor"?

Monica Matocha: "November 1, 2011 was my best birthday yet with the release of my debut single Impostor! Within 3 months, it was playing on pop radio stations across the country! It has been so crazy to see my song along side the big names in pop music on the radio charts!"


Candace Rose: What or who inspired the song?

Monica Matocha: "When my producer John Glover and I wrote "Impostor", we were already pretty deep into the record but we wanted something really out of the box. Next thing you know we were laughing our way through the first verse just writing something crazy and fun! I think "an adventure with tension" pretty much sums up the story line! We had so much fun with this song! One of my fans on Twitter described it as 'catchy and creepy'… I like that. :)"


Candace Rose: You're also a jewelry designer! Can you tell us about your line?

Monica Matocha: "Yes! I hate to use the word obsessed, but I really like jewelry. A lot. More than the average person for sure. My current collection features lava bead necklaces, bone bracelets, and my latest favorite, bullet necklaces! I'm really excited about some new pieces that are in production right now that will be perfect layering pieces to go along with what's currently available. Were adding in some neutral tones that will work with all the bright colors and neons in spring fashion. There are some new bracelets with turquoise and more black lava beaded necklaces with bold ornamentation. Many will be one of a kind!"


Monica Matocha stacked bracelets jewelry designer 2012


Monica Matocha Bracelets Jewelry Candace Rose Interview Fashion Style

Candace Rose: How would you describe your style?

Monica Matocha: "My style musically and in fashion is edgy and fun… ‘edge with glam‘ sounds good! I am definitely a pop artist but a lot of my songs can lean a little more pop/rock for sure. I think a lot of it comes from the fact that I enjoy so many styles of music."


Candace Rose: What's next for you?

Monica Matocha: "I wish I knew! Last week it was planning and shooting an acoustic performance video of “Impostor” which we wrapped yesterday. This week it’s jewelry designing, an interview, and a photo-shoot. There is word about a summer tour which I would absolutely love to see happen!"


Candace Rose: Where can viewers go to find your music and your jewelry line?

Monica Matocha: "My debut single, Impostor, is currently available in all of digital markets such as iTunes and Amazon. You can preview more of my upcoming releases on my official website where my jewelry line can be found as well."


Monica was kind enough to offer the readers a free MP3 download of her song "Dear John"!


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