Celebrity Interview: Spring Fashion Trends with Style Icon Olivia Palermo

Earlier this week I was joined by style icon and former reality star, Olivia Palermo of MTV's The City to discuss the top fashion trends we'll all be coveting this spring, courtesy of Piperlime.com! 


Olivia Palermo Headshot Twitter Style icon and Piperlime guest editor, Olivia Palermo shares her spring fashion picks with Candace Rose! Image courtesy of Twitter.com/TheRealOliviaP 





Candace Rose: What are the biggest fashion trends for the spring?

Olivia Palermo: "Lots and lots of color. I couldn't be happier! I always say it's extremely important when getting dressed to always have a bit of color, even in the winter. So this season color is back. It was here last spring with color blocking, and it's a great way to get ready.


Olivia Palermo Piperlime Guest Editor Fashion Spring Style Interview Candace RosePiperlime guest editor Olivia Palermo on the spring fashion set in NY on Monday!


    First off we have- I love the tribal, it's one of my favorites; it's a pop of color. You can also wear a great neon shirt with these cute pairs of flats- if you would like, and incorporate two trends into one.


Piperlime Olivia Palermo Candace Rose Interview Tribal print bright flatsYellow tribal print flats are on trend and a great addition to your spring wardrobe!


    And 60's is very inspirational this season as well. You have the chunky heel which is also part of the tribal trend. That's kind of flattering for every woman whether you're in a pencil skirt or you're in cigarette jeans and you're on the go, it's definitely a keeper. 


60s inspired heels piperlime candace rose olivia palermo fashion interview springThese 60's tribal inspired chunky heels would look fab with a pencil skirt and cigarette pants!

    And then if you're not really sure of what kind of trends to lean towards, you're undecided the Marc Jacobs- the navy with a touch of neon, is a great alternate. It's structured, it's classic, you can have it for quite a bit of time. 


Marc Jacobs Neon NavyNavy Marc Jacobs bag with a touch of neon


    And then behind me you have the colored blazers. They're huge this season, and they're all over Piperlime.com; they're in every color. And it's always nice to have a staple in your wardrobe, so a blazer's a great way to go. 


Green Bold Bright Blazer Lace Top PiperlimeThis gorgeous bright green blazer is perfection!

    And last but not least I absolutely love my denim pants. They're by Paige, and it's a new take on denim and jean. Instead of having a blue jean to have a color and print; and play with the accessories, and leave the shirt very simple, and with a neutral color. Let the pants speak for themselves."


Paige Printed Denim Jeans Olivia Palermo's great colorful printed denim jeans by Paige!


Candace Rose: As you mentioned, neon is going to be a huge trend this season. How would you advise the average person incorporate this trend into their wardrobe if they aren't used to wearing color?

Olivia Palermo: Start with an accessory, whether it's a bangle or a pair of shoes. Obviously you see the tribal shoes have a bit of color. They're great for slacks or just for everyday. And then you have the little purse- the neon purse, the change purse if you want to be hands free, that's quite nice. And then the sandal is perfect for the summer with a strip of metallic. You saw metallics, they are always around."


Hot Pink Metallic SandalGreat bright pink flat sandals with a touch of gold metallic. 


Candace Rose: What are some of the hottest shoe trends?

Olivia Palermo: "The hottest shoe trends would definitely be the thick heel. Thick heel for sure."


Candace Rose: We've been seeing a lot of statement necklaces and stacked bracelets for the last couple of seasons, will they still be as popular?

Olivia Palermo: "I think so. I think it's about finding your own personal style and incorporating the trends, and seeing what works for you. If you have a great look, and you feel it needs that extra bangle or that necklace, totally put it on and have fun with fashion because that's what it's about."


Tribal statement necklaces piperlime candace rose olivia palermoGorgeous tribal statement necklaces are perfect this season!


Candace Rose: If you can only afford one piece or one trend this season, what would you advise?

Olivia Palermo: "I would definitely advise an accessory, it's definitely the easiest. And I think if you go onto Piperlime.com, there's so much for everyone, and definitely affordable fashion. You can go to OliviaPalermo.com and check out my picks along with all the spring trends this season."


Candace Rose: Where will see you next?

Olivia Palermo: "Oh, I'll be running around. I'll be on Piperlime. You can check out OliviaPalermo.com, my blog and see all my inspirations from my travels, and so forth."


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