Celebrity Interview: Singer & Actress Meital Dohan Discusses Her New Hit Single “Yummy”

 Meital Dohan, has not only gained fame and notoriety as an actress in Israel, and the United States where many will remember her as 'Yael Hoffman' on Showtime's "Weeds", but she is quickly moving up the charts in her new found career as a musician. With over 1 million views on Youtube with her new single "Yummy"; I had a chance to speak with Meital to discuss not only her hit single, but how she got into music, her musical inspirations, 'I'm in Hate with Love' (her new unreleased album), and when and if she'll be touring this year! 


Meital DohanMeital Dohan. Image courtesy of MeitalDohan.com

Candace Rose: As an accomplished actress in both the United States and in Israel, did you always aspire to get into music?

Meital Dohan: "I always loved music. I think that a lot of the movies and theater shows that I did, it incorporated soundtracks that I was singing on, and created my own kind of soundtrack for a theater movement piece that I did. I even did a big show with a well known Israeli singer Ivri Lider that we co-wrote and we sang and acted, but I never really had time to fully devote myself to music, and to really dive into it. Only three years ago I was on the Israeli TV show 'Dancing With The Stars', and I was sitting down with- I know it sounds weird but- with a healer, and we were talking, and basically she said that I have to go back to America immediately because I have to start with my music career. I was looking at her and thinking she's crazy, and I was like 'oh no, what are you talking about'? Because I've been working with her for many years, she just had great instincts. She's a very smart and inspiring woman, I listened to her once again and months later I met Che Pop in L.A., and we just really connected. And once again, I guess she was right because we started working on an album immediately. And really since I started recording that was it. Everything happened so fast for me in that area, that it's just been crazy."


Candace Rose: It's amazing, your Youtube video 'Yummy' has garnered over 1 million views, you're on MTV.com; I checked it out on iTunes and it's one of the most popular songs. You have to be so proud. Did you know that it would resonate with so many people?

Meital Dohan? "I know now! I'm very pleased and very happy, so it's really a great surprise and just like a pleasure for me."

Candace Rose: We should all be able to hire your healer!

Meital Dohan: "No, I know! Yeah, absolutely."


Candace Rose: You're an accomplished actress and an author; how would you say your roles, and your writing have prepared and influenced your career as a musician?

Meital Dohan: "I think it's definitely all combining together when I work on the music because one of the most fun things about music is that I do have my own input on it in every area from the videos; coming up with a concept; being involved and directing the videos; and co-writing all the songs, and then once I do the live shows I always integrate kind of a funny story or some comedy side to my live performances too. So for me it's really combining together. Like I really think that the actress in me is still part of the singer. I think I sing and act from the same place."


Candace Rose: And you're working on a new album, can you tell us about it?

Meital Dohan: "Absolutely. So my first album is called 'I'm in Hate with Love' and there's no release date yet. It's probably going to be released some time this summer, and basically 'I'm in Hate with Love' is a mix of electropop tracks. Some of them are more quiet and loungy, and some of them like 'Yummy' are track of dance tracks. Basically I want to create music and sound that is poppy but is still electronic and modern, and that people in this generation can identify with, get inspired, empowered and also feel close to."


Meital Dohan New Single iTunes YummyMeital Dohan's new single "Yummy" is available on iTunes. Image courtesy of MeitalDohan.com


Candace Rose: What would you say (or who would you say) inspired the album?

Meital Dohan: "You know, I'd say I'm really inspired by Kanye West. I think that as a rapper and hip hop artist, his music is so electronic right now and so hard to be defined; and his last solo album is I think really a masterpiece and kind of taking the pop scene to a very interesting direction. Also, the new album that he did with Jay-Z has the depth and the pop side element to it, and this is very much a direction that I would like to go after."


Candace Rose: You're performing at the Dinah Shore festival on March 31st, can you tell us about that?

Meital Dohan: "Well, I'm very excited because Dinah Shore is the biggest music festival, and they always have a history of hosting and spotting very permanent and successful artists that have proved themselves to be very successful, and I have the pleasure that they basically announced me as one of the artists to watch in 2012. And also they did require that I'm going to perform four songs which is also nice and pushing me as my music career like faster than anything. So I'm going to be performing for the first time four songs, so I'm very excited about it."

Candace Rose: That's exciting. 

Meital Dohan: "Yeah, it's almost like a real show."


Candace Rose: Will it be live streamed online or do you have to be at the show to hear all four songs?

Meital Dohan: "Yeah, absolutely. I did my first performance of two songs this Saturday at Krave in Vegas, and the other show I'm going to do the first time four songs, and it's probably going to be more of the dance tracks in this performance. We'll probably put it online too, so that's going to be released only after the festival in one point or another."


Candace Rose: Will you be touring this year?

Meital Dohan: "Yeah, people are definitely invited to see my shows at the Music Winter Conference, or at Dinah Shore, and there are a few more dates right now that we're going to announce officially soon, so I'll be performing. Also, there is content online of skits with my pet tiger, Charlie; and they can see some of the live shows, and I'm sure I'm going to have my next single coming out soon. Yeah, so it's a lot of places!"

Candace Rose: Well, we can't wait for that! 


Meital Dohan Free MP3 Download Yummy BoyzFree MP3 Download – Please visit MeitalDohan.com for more details. Image courtesy of Meital Dohan.


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