Live Blog During the Grammy’s with Right Celebrity & My Tribute to Whitney Houston


Right CelebrityLive blog during the Grammy's with Jeanette of Right Celebrity at 7pm PT/8pm CT

    When I anticipated writing this post a few days ago, when I first got word that the great girls at Right Celebrity would be live blogging the Grammy's, it was much more cheerful. While I'm still looking forward to watching great acts like Adele, Jason Aldean and Glen Campbell perform, I would be remiss to not mention how deeply sorry I am over the passing of Whitney Houston. I, like so many around the world grew up listening to Whitney. I can't remember an awards show where she didn't steal the show with her beautiful voice. As a six time Grammy winner, I'm looking forward to seeing the tribute paid to her, unfortunately, this tribute is coming much earlier than her fans could have ever expected or anticipated, she's left us far too soon. As many have said over the last 24 hours, there will never be another voice like Whitney Houston, and I have to agree. I still remember when "I'm Your Baby Tonight" was shown during the closing credits on "Entertainment Tonight" back in the early 90's, I knew it was going to be a hit. I begged my mom for the single, which she of course obliged to. How could she not?! With my notorious raspy voice, even as a child, I tried emulating her. Of course, I failed. Miserably. I'm sure I wasn't the first, nor will not be the last. Whitney Houston's gorgeous voice and music will live on forever. I leave you now with a few of my favorite songs by Ms. Houston and ask that you join Right Celebrity for their live blogging event tonight. I'm sure it will be a Grammy's show we will never forget. 






My thoughts and prayers are with Whitney's family during this difficult time. 



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