Interview: Winter Wellness with Dr. Deborah Rouse-Raines

Womens health expert and television correspondent, Dr. Deborah Rouse-Raines aka Dr. Deb joined me recently to discuss ways we can prevent colds and flus this season, how to treat colds, and how to protect and care for your infant this winter!


Dr deb rainesDr. Deborah Rouse-Raines –


Candace Rose: What can we do to stay healthy this season and prevent a cold and flu?

Dr. Deb: "You know, one of the most important things is to get enough sleep. We use our laptops, we have our computers and when you get less than seven hours of sleep you have about three times the risk of catching a cold. When you do get that cold, I always have my Kleenex out. Kleenex brand tissue is Americas softest tissue and they have a great deal for us today- when you sign up they will send you for free a share pack to your friends and family, and in return they will send you the Cool Touch which is their new product that is cool to the touch and you can sign up at"


Kleenex Cold TouchKleenex Cold Touch 


Candace Rose: And how can those of us who are already sick with a cold treat it? 

Dr. Deb: "You know, this is a great product! I was a little skeptical at first when I heard about it but it actually has some excellent clinical data behind it. It's got the double blind study from the Cleveland Clinic that shows it's proven to shorten the duration of a cold by nearly half. The trick is you have to take it at the first sign of a cold. It binds to the receptors in the upper respiratory system and it blocks where that cold virus is supposed to bind but so if you have to have it on board at that first sign of the cold- a first tickle, a first sneeze. It comes in these awesome lozenges in some great flavors but I really like the oral spray- two sprays and you're good to go."


Cold-EezeCold-Eeze Throat Lozenges

Candace Rose: And how about parents with babies at home?

Dr. Deb: "I really worry about the babies in the wintertime. You want to keep them healthy and make sure everybody gets a good nights sleep. There's a great product: Breathable Baby mesh crib liners, it's a great replacement or a safe alternative to the traditional thick bumpers, they've been really discouraged by the American Academy of Pediatric. The breathable baby mesh liners will help prevent suffocation. It also helps keep the arms and legs inside those slots. You know, when the arms and legs stick out they start crying, they wake up in the middle of the night, they wake up the parents. Everybody's awake and miserable, and of course more susceptible to infection. It also is more importantly will help prevent the risk of fracture and nerve damage when those little limbs get stuck. You can learn more about them They have some great colors and variety of styles. They're only $30 at Target, Babies 'R' Us and BuyBuy Baby."


Breathable Baby Breathable Baby


Candace Rose: Do you have any cleaning tips to reduce indoor allergens?

Dr. Deb: "You really want to make sure you keep your air clean as much as possible, use a filter on your cleaning system. I like to use normal saline (personally) to help flush out your nasal passages that will help reduce not only with colds but also with allergens that are out in the air to keep your passages moist."


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Dr. Deb: "You want to take extra special care of yourself in the winter. People tend to kind of get sluggish and hibernate and eat a bunch of junk. You want to tune up on your fruits and vegetables, get plenty of exercise and you can learn all about the products that I talked about on" 


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