Interview: Winter Beauty Buys & Trends with Beauty Expert, Polly Blitzer of Beauty Blitz!

Beauty expert and frequent TV personality, Polly Blitzer of the '#1 beauty magazine' Beauty Blitz, joined me yesterday to share her winter skin and hair must haves, and discuss the top beauty trends we'll be seeing in 2012!  


Polly Blitzer Winter Beauty February 2012Polly Blitzer of



Candace Rose: With winter still upon us, what can we do to look and feel great this season?

Polly Blitzer: "Well, it is so important to look and feel your best during winter, and there are so many issues that come up with our hair, and our skin; let's start at the top. Clairol Professionals new liquicolor perrmanent Dye Gray Busters comes in NN and mature in enhanced neutral shades. And it's perfect for this time of year because it not only gives you perfect color but it also hydrates. And gray hair is really unique in that it's porous and it's coarse, so you really need to give it that extra moisture, and Clairol is a brand that's been around for decades. It's a pioneer in the hair color business, so they really think of everything, and they understand each hair type and all different formulations. This particular line of hair color is perfect for the savvy color consumer who wants something for in between her professional hair color treatments or in lieu of. It creates natural looking, deep conditioned hair that reflects light, gives you that shimmering sparkle, that multidimensional effect that everyone wants with their hair; plus it does that extra level, it goes the extra mile with hydration. Something called Soy 4 Plex smooths the entire hair shaft inside and out, so you really get hair that looks and feels its best. It's available at beauty supply stores, and you can also find additional retail locations at"


Clairol ProfessionalClairol Professional Soy 4 Plex 


Candace Rose: And how about for our skin?

Polly Blitzer: "Great question, because our skin takes such a beating this time of year with all the elements in winter time- from cracked heels to chapped lips to dry, tight skin to just that itchy irritated feeling everywhere, so Aquaphor Healing Ointment is something that we've all known for years. But this is a product that has withstood the test of time, is a classic; and it's been copied never duplicated, that kind of thing. It's multipurpose, prevents and helps to heal so many different skin issues. It's gentle enough for babies, but effective enough for grownups. I have a tub by my bedside, I keep some in my purse. I mean this is something that I saw people using backstage Fashion Week season after season after season to get the models looking their best. Celebrities like it. So, it's really affordable. It's at drugstores everywhere; Aquaphor Healing Ointment, it's a go to.


Aquaphor Healing TreatmentAquaphor Healing Ointment


    And while we're on the topic of skin, teens (teenagers) suffer so many skin issues, and the makers of Proactiv actually formulated an acne-fighting line that is specifically targeting teens. They have all this hormonal acne stuff going on, and all they want is a solution. And of all the things there are on the market, X Out really works (by the makers of Proactiv). It's a one step washing treatment that banishes breakouts by washing acne fighting medicine directly into the pores, so that it has to kill bacteria that causes pimples, stops them dead in their tracks. It also moisturizes so you don't get that flaky over treated thing, and then it doubles as a mask or a spa treatment. So it really does overtime, and something that I really love about it is it takes only two minutes to use, in the morning and at night. So for those two minutes twice a day- in case it seems like an eternity to the teenager that you know- there's a QR code on the bottle so you can scan it, and then be brought directly to watch a cool video that changes everyday, called the 'Daily Distraction'. And I like to think of it as 'beautytainment' because you get to watch and wash at the same time. I wish all my products had that feature."


X Out Acne treatment ProactivX Out Acne Treatment from the makers of Proactiv.


X Out Daily DistractionX Out's video 'Daily Distraction' changes daily, and can be watched from your smartphone.


Candace Rose: That would be perfect!

Polly Blitzer: "Oh my God. So cool. So from your hair to your skin to breakouts- for men and women, to teens (any age) there's something for everyone, and you no longer need to go through the drugstore aisle with your hands in the air like eeny, meeny, miny, moe- which one works for me? I'm taking the guesswork out of it, I'll be your guinea pig so you don't have to try everything, these are the products that really work."


Candace Rose: And what would you say are the latest beauty trends we all need to know about?

Polly Blitzer: "Oh gosh, well from New York Fashion Week that just finished, and this is for the fall 2012 trends- we're seeing a lot of ponytails, we saw a lot of red lips, and we saw a lot of really fresh nude skin." 


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share? 

Polly Blitzer: "For more information you can all go to" 


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