Interview: Valentine Tech Gift Ideas with Technology Expert, Chris Leary

WIth Valentine's day a few days away, Tech expert, Chris Leary of joined me recently to share the top technology gifts for everyone on your list! 


Chris Leary Valentines day Tech Valentine's Tech Gift Ideas with Technology expert, Chris Leary of Daily Lounge



Candace Rose: What are some of the top tech gifts for Valentines day?

Chris Leary: "Well, I tell you what, if you want to surprise that special someone, surprise them with tech. Get creative, get bold. In fact get them the Blackberry Bold 9900. Oh, it's perfect to set up that perfect date; web browsing- two times faster. You can check movie times, make reservations online and a touchscreen keyboard combo makes it a perfect tool to keep connected. Oh, and you can keep him guessing, giving him clues about what your special outing's going to be about on BBM. And it's also got a 5 megapixel camera so you can capture that special moment. It's a great, great gift for Valentine's day.


Blackberry BoldBlackberry Bold

     And I think it's about time our clothing keeps up with our devices, and that's exactly what the Agloves do. They've got silver threads all throughout the gloves and they're very comfortable to wear. So that means you don't have to take them off when you use your phone in the freezing cold. In fact they're the first ones to have this silver knitted throughout the glove, so that allows you to use all ten fingers, palm, knuckles- even your wrists. There's a sport version designed to keep you warm in the active days or a bamboo version. It's nice and soft, and it's very green too. By the way, there's a coupon code: 'wrapped' if you want your wrapping free when you order it, so think about that. 



    And then there's the guy that's got everything, what do you get him? You look around, you look around; well, look no further because this is what I've got- these are no ordinary cuff links. Okay, one side is an actual wifi hotspot, and the other side is a two gigabyte USB flash drive. You can also get it with a two gig flash drive on either side. But they're designed by Ravi Ratan, and if you use the coupon code: 'Lounge10' at, you get 10% off. You can also get them engraved, and they're very classy looking. 


Ravi RatanRavi Ratan Cuff links

    If you want to stay connected to your loved on this Valentine's day, faster than ever, then you should probably look into this- this is nice, it's a new kind of computer. It's an ultra computer, and it's an ultrabook, actually. It's the Acer Aspire S3, so they've pretty much done away with waiting. It features the Acer green instant on technology. So, it wakes up from a sleep mode in less than two seconds. It gets you online in 2.5 seconds using instant connect. It's very slim, very nice, very thin. It's a really sharp looking computer, and there you go. There's are just a few of my ideas for technology this Valentines' day." 


ACER AspireAcer Aspire S3


Candace Rose: I think I want them all!

Chris Leary: "Yeah, well, if you have someone that loves you this much; well, you're lucky. Good for you!"

Candace Rose: I still have a week to find one, right?

Chris Leary: "Yes, see that- always look up! Always looking up. And if you want to find more information about this, by all means go to


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