Interview: Ninth Annual SpotBowl, Super Bowl Ad Results with Advertising Expert Dave Shoffner of Pavone

On Friday I had the pleasure of speaking with advertising expert, Dave Shoffner of Pavone who shared the ins and outs of creating a great Super Bowl commercial, celebrity cameos we'd be seeing, ads to watch and avoid, and who he thought would make a run at the much coveted SpotBowl title. After that nail biter of a game and tons of great commercial watching, Dave was kind enough to join me on Monday to share the results of the SpotBowl poll, who fared well during the Super Bowl and who should have just stayed home!


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Candace Rose: What were some of the fan favorite ads during the Super Bowl?

Dave Shoffner: "Well, actually our polls just closed and we're happy to announce that Volkswagen won. Volkswagen's spot was the one that featured the dog who was trying to lose weight so that he could chase the Volkswagen down the street, and it was interesting, the Volkswagen actually won last year. So they actually repeated as champs which is nice to see."




Candace Rose: I love it! You did say that usually babies or pets win. And last year wasn't a small child in that one?

Dave Shoffner: "Yeah, the little Darth was in that one, and you're absolutely right, pets always seem to do pretty well. In fact three of our top five all featured dogs, so I think the new formula moving forward might be to somehow include a dog in your spot."


Candace Rose: Which ones were the least favorite?

Dave Shoffner: "Yeah, unfortunately there's always the ones who are at the bottom. Not surprisingly Go Daddy- both of their spots were at the bottom of our poll. In fact one of their spots which was called 'Heaven' finished in dead last by a long shot. But surprisingly Bud Light had two spots near the bottom. Now Bud Light and Budweiser in generally usually does pretty well in the Super Bowl but they had two spots for their new Bud Light Platinum that I felt from a marketing standpoint and a Super Bowl advertising standpoint fell flat, and it apparently showed in the rankings."


Candace Rose: Were you surprised by any of the ads and how they did?

Dave Shoffner: "Surprised? No, and that was part of the game this year. There were very few surprises considering how many spots were released ahead of time. At last count I think we saw about 20 spots before the game. Advertisers sort of releasing them ahead of time trying to get that pre-game buzz which kind of resulted in very few surprises for us, and for the consumers. I'm m not sure if that's always a good thing because I think people like to be surprised when it comes to the Super Bowl ads."


Candace Rose: Which celebrity do you think had the best cameo during the game?

Dave Shoffner: "Wow, yeah there were so many. I think that at least the top ranking one was the ACURA spot which featured Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno. That one finished right around 10th place in our poll. That one won, I guess if you're saying the 'Cameo Bowl'- best Cameo of the year. We had a car ad win, this was called the 'Auto Bowl' because there were 12 car manufacturers in the game, so it was no surprise that we had a car ad- Volkswagen which actually won."


Here are the results according to the SpotBowl poll: 

1. Volkswagen “Slim Dog” A dog loses weight so he can chase the new Volkswagen Beetle.

2. Doritos “Bribe” A dog bribes a man to keep quiet about a cat's disappearance.

3. Bud Light “Rescue Dog” Weego the rescue dog fetches beers on command.

4. M&M’s “Ms. Brown” The red M&M strips down at a party. Ms. Brown is introduced for the first time.

5. MetLife “Peanuts” Charlie Brown joins forces with dozens of other popular cartoon characters.


For more results and to view the ads please visit:


Many thanks to Dave Shoffner and of course all the folks at Pavone for putting on a great poll! Be sure to check back the weekend of Super Bowl 47 in 2013 for the scoop on SpotBowl's 10th anniversary! Congrats to Volkswagen and that adorable slimmed down dog on their SpotBowl back-to-back victory!!!



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