Interview: How to Feel Fab with TV Host & Former Rocket Emily Loftiss

TV Host, Image Consultant and former Rockette, Emily Loftiss joined me to share her top tips on how to look and feel fab in 2012! From beauty to fashion to eating healthy and losing weight, Emily has you covered! 


Emily Loftiss How to Feel FabEmily Loftiss




Candace Rose: How can those of us who've faltered on our new years resolutions get back on track?

Emily Loftiss: "I get this question all the time. Instead of having a huge grocery list of resolutions, why don't you pick one or two that you can stick through for the entire 12 months instead of two weeks in January?"

Candace Rose: Great idea!

Emily Loftiss: "So if you want to look fabulous on the outside you need to think about what you're actually putting inside your body. A great and easy tip is when you go to the grocery store check out Sunsweet Plum Smart. It's 100%  juice, all natural, no sugar added and it's been clinically proven to help regulate the digestive system. If you're counting those calories, they also have Smart Light."


Sunsweet PlumsSunsweet Plum Smart


Candace Rose: What can we do to eat healthier and lose weight?

Emily Loftiss: "Well, you know, now it's suggested that we go meatless one or two times a week, so a great meat alternative is called Quorn and it's very easy to make. You pull it out of your freezer, you throw it in the microwave and it is ready to go. It's so easy that your kids can even do it for an after school snack. They have everything from beef to vegan burgers to chicken nuggets, and it's actually better than the real items- better for you and you can even substitute this at dinner and I bet you no one would even know the difference."



Candace Rose: How about when it comes to working out, do you have any suggestions so we can create a routine we can stick with?

Emily Loftiss: "Yes, exactly. It's all about getting your body moving, always go-go-go. All you need is just 30 minutes a day to get your heart rate up and all those 30 minutes will add up to make a big difference in your body. But if you've been working out really hard, eating healthy but just can't seem to get rid of that little area right around your love handles I suggest Coolsculpting. It is a non-invasive FDA cleared procedure that actually freezes your fat. After your very first visit you will lose 20-24% of fat and it never comes back."


  Coolsculpting Emily LoftissCoolsculpting


Candace Rose: Wow!

Emily Loftiss: "I know, and you're not going to come out after the first day looking like a totally different person but after two or three months you will absolutely see a difference. Your dresses will fit better, your jeans will fit better; all these quick little tips add up."


Coolsculpting FDA Cleared Coolsculpting


Candace Rose: How about when it comes to beauty and style; what are some of the biggest trends?

Emily Loftiss: "The biggest trends I always tell people are get rid of the black. I think that's so boring and we're not as tan as we are in the summertime, when you have that natural glow so this is a chance for you to throw on some pinky blush, throw on something bright colored, get rid of the dark colors and bring light back to your face."


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Emily Loftiss: "Well, everything we talked about today, I would like to say you can go to and of course and just in general I say get a buddy; a partner to keep you on track to remind you to keep working out. When you do it alone sometimes it's hard for you to get motivated but if you have a buddy that texts you- 'alright girl we're going to the gym or let's do this, let's go grab some healthy meals at the grocery store'; keeping someone on track really makes a difference."


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information on you, Emily?

Emily Loftiss: "I would love for you to come to my website it's: and I also have a blog Loftiss Says. I talk about beauty and fashion and fun events that I cover here in New York City."



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