Celebrity Interview: Legendary Sportscaster James “JB” Brown on AARP’s Taste of The NFL event & His Super Bowl Predictions

On Wednesday of this week I had the great honor of being joined by legendary Sportscaster, James "JB" Brown, host of CBS Sports NFL pre-game show, "THE NFL TODAY" and Showtime's "INSIDE THE NFL" who was live from Indianapolis, the host city of this years Super Bowl to discuss Saturday's Taste of the NFL event, how he's raising awareness about the issue of hunger and his predictions for this Sunday's Super Bowl!


CBS Sports James JB BrownLegendary Sportscaster James "JB" Brown discusses his Drive to End Hunger 




James "JB" Brown: "Good morning, Candace!"

Candace Rose: Hi! Good morning, JB! How are you?

James "JB" Brown: "Excellent. Hey Candace, thank you so much for having me on."

Candace Rose: Are you kidding me? It's an honor to have you on, thank you so much.

James "JB" Brown: "The feeling is mutual. Candace, now where are you?"

Candace Rose: I'm in Northern California.

James "JB" Brown: "Ah, great territory to say the least. Near which city?"

Candace Rose: Near Sacramento.

James "JB" Brown: "How far outside Sacramento?"

Candace Rose: About 20 minutes south. 

James "JB" Brown: "Gotcha. The last time I was there I was doing a story about Mayor Johnson."

Candace Rose: Love him!

James "JB" Brown: "Yeah. You know, what he's been doing out there from the educational standpoint has just been awesome; and using his own money to make a difference out there before he became mayor."

Candace Rose: Absolutely. I was a huge Phoenix Suns fan which is surprising being in Sacramento, so I just love having him here.

James "JB" Brown: "Well, let me tell you, Candace, my wife was as well and I wasn't too jealous!"


Candace Rose: Well, I love what you're doing with the AARP Foundation and the Drive to End Hunger initiative.

James "JB" Brown: "Candace, thank you very much. I'm thoroughly enjoying this partnership with them. I'm now into my fourth year being involved with AARP, having started as their National Ambassador for Community and what was then called Create The Good (still is) but now having also added to the portfolio, if you will this Drive to End Hunger campaign which I'm very passionate about."


Volunteer feeding hungryVolunteer helping to feed the hungry


Candace Rose: Why is this cause so important to you?

James "JB" Brown: "Once I became aware of the number of Americans who were being impacted- nearly 9 million, Candace; Americans 50+ are in this dangerous category, if you will of hunger and in danger of going to bed at night hungry or having to make a choice between a healthy meal and less nutritious meal or a choice between a meal and paying a utility bill. And some are also flirting with the unfortunate issue of homelessness as well, and I wanted to use this platform for something very meaningful and it's so nice to see that AARP has partnered with people like NASCAR and Jeff Gordon specifically to raise awareness and get people to donate money, and they have in a very significant fashion."


Jeff Gordon 24 Drive to End HungerNASCAR's Jeff Gordon raises awareness for Drive to End Hunger – Image courtesy of AARP Drive to End Hunger

Candace Rose: Can you tell us about the Taste of the NFL event this Saturday?

James "JB" Brown: "You know what? As you asked that question I kind of have a smile on my face, Candace because so many of my colleagues have always teased me anything that's food related or weight related, they always tease me about that; but let me tell you this is an excellent undertaking where Chefs from the 32 NFL teams will be here cooking up their favorite dishes. There will also be players there to sign autographs- be it players current or former and it's going to be in Indianapolis at Gleaner Food Bank, so at most appropriate. And we're hoping that while we know football and food go together, we're using that platform, that venue to raise awareness of how many people are going to bed hungry at night. The NASCAR racing community has been so actively engaged in contributing money and raising awareness. We're partnering with Jeff Gordon, the 4-time Sprint cup champion and Rick Hendrick Motorsports team and they've given significantly to that and have helped significantly towards the nearly 6 million meals that have been donated, so we're now trying to get football fans involved in this partnership effort as well."


Drive to End Hunger Taste of the NFL IndianapolisTaste of the NFL event. Image courtesy of Taste of the NFL


Candace Rose: How will this event help those in need?

James "JB" Brown: "Well one, money raised from this effort will be used by AARP to support a number of national and local organizations that are involved in feeding the hungry. We think about organizations like Action for Boston Community Development which has been doing this and AARP smartly has been using those organizations that one, are legitimate, approved, successful organizations at impacting us to make the immediate need but also to try and develop long term sustainable solutions. I think here in Indianapolis, since we're here at the venue for the Super Bowl, what better Honorary Chair to involve than a guy like Tony Dungy, a Super Bowl winning coach who now is engaged in the game of life as a Super Bowl winning to encourage others to be involved in efforts like this. And Tony's a personal friend so I'm thrilled that he's heading up this effort."


Tony DungyTaste of the NFL Honorary Chair, Super Bowl winning coach, Tony Dungy. Image courtesy of Taste of the NFL


Candace Rose: And what can we do to help?

James "JB" Brown: "We can all become teammates, and you can go to AARP.org. You can go to DriveToEndHunger.org or an easy way to donate and contribute $10 is to text the word 'hunger' to 50555 and you will become a championship type teammate in addressing the need of some very worthy people are looking for our help."


VolunteerVolunteers working to make a difference

Candace Rose: Before we go, I just have to ask what are your predictions for this weekends Super Bowl?

James "JB" Brown: "Okay, now I"m going to ask you first, I know that you have a very successful undertaking there. Who's your favorite team and why?"

Candace Rose: Well, my favorite team isn't in the Super Bowl.

James "JB" Brown: "Your favorite team is who?"

Candace Rose: Dallas Cowboys. I've been a big fan.

James "JB" Brown: "Dallas Cowboys! So you're a part of that big legion of America's fans, right for America's team. And you guys have some talent there, hopefully better success next year. But you know what, it really ought to be a competitive match up and that's all I ever hope for is a very competitive match up. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick led New England Patriots, offensively proficient, defensively they've been playing better but the New York Giants are more balanced. Eli Manning certainly in that category of elite level quarterbacks and where the distinct advantage that the Giants do have in this Super Bowl match up is on the defense. Their four down linemen are playing intimidating, effective football that should serve them well. We'll see if that happens on Sunday."


Super-bowl-2012Super Bowl 2012 Indianapolis. Image courtesy of SuperBowl2012.TV

Candace Rose: Well, thank you so much, JB for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me this morning, I appreciate it.

James "JB" Brown: "I thank you very much for having me, and continued success in all that you're doing."

Candace Rose: Oh thank you, you too. I appreciate it.



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