Ryan Beatty: The Next BIG Thing!


Ryan Beatty Video ShotVideo Shot of Ryan Beatty, breakout teen star. Photo credit: Kelly Fogel


Look out Justin Bieber! Today I'm happy to introduce you to Ryan Beatty, breakout teen star from nearby Clovis, California. With over 22 million views on his Youtube channel, he is definitely not one to miss. Did I also mention that he was recently voted one of the breakout acts to watch in 2012 by Popstar magazine and was on the November cover with Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez? Here's a sneak peek of his first music video "Every Little Thing" which was created by award-winning director Matt Alonzo and is set to premiere on RyanSeacrest.com on Thursday, February 2nd. You can find "Every Little Thing"  (#54 on the pop charts) on iTunes. 






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