Live Chat Session with Actress and TV Host Alison Sweeney on Pet Health/Weight Management, Thursday, January 26th

As a pet lover and proud owner of four dogs (which include two rescues) I'm thrilled to offer you the chance to participate in a live webcast/chat on the Hills Science Diet Facebook page with Alison Sweeney who many of you know as the host of "The Biggest Loser", and as Sami Brady on daytime TV's "Days of our Lives". She will be discussing proper pet health and weight management, "The Biggest Loser", her personal weight loss tips and her book, The Mommy Diet. Please feel free to visit from 1pm EST to 2pm (10am-11am PT) on Thursday, January 26th to participate in the live webcast/chat!


Alison Sweeney

Live Chat: 



Live video for mobile from Ustream





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