Interview: Saving Money in 2012 with Miss Coupon Diva Joyce K. House

I had the pleasure of being joined by Miss Coupon Diva, Joyce K. House who has truly mastered the art of coupon shopping. She was kind enough to offer her favorite tips on saving money from grocery shopping to your electric bill and even that costly monthly cell phone bill!


miss coupon diva joyce k house




Candace Rose: You've been known to save up to 95% when you shop. How do you do it?

Miss Coupon Diva: "I pay attention. Before I ever go to the grocery store I've looked at my circulars. I write down the items that I see on sale and then I look in the coupons and see what I can match them with. So I'm prepared before I ever walk out the door."


Candace Rose: When is the best time of the month to grocery shop?

Miss Coupon Diva: "Going toward mid month is a better time because at the end of the month and the beginning of the month, that is when the people that are on fixed income get their money and the stores know they're going to shop, regardless of the price."


Candace Rose: What can we do to save money on our electric bill?

Miss Coupon Diva: "One of the things I do is I have all my electrical appliances that can be turned off on a power surge strip so I just hit the switch at the end of the night. I mean a lot of people don't know just by setting the clock on your microwave it's like using the amount of electricity that you would use in a reheat cycle. The other thing I did was I looked at my utility bills and I decided I wanted to decrease the amount I was paying on my cell phone bill so I switched to Metro PCS which costs me a maximum of $60 a month for unlimited text, talk and the web. I don't have to sign a contract so I decide what I want to pay. If maybe next month I don't want to do that plan I can switch to another plan and they have a great website that has a lot of my tips on it- it's Oh my God, it's just a phenomenal just by paying attention to how much you can save."


Miss Coupon Diva Metro PCSMiss Coupon Diva dishes on saving money on your monthly cell phone bill with Metro PCS


Candace Rose: Where are the best places to find coupons?

Miss Coupon Diva: "Going to your local papers. In some of the cities your coupons come with your circulars. If you look, Candace, some of your stores will even tell you to look for a coupon in your paper. You can also go to the internet and get some coupons but just be careful because some stores are getting really tight on accepting internet coupons."


Coupons Miss Coupon DivaMiss Coupon Diva shares the best places to find money saving coupons 


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Miss Coupon Diva: "Besides going to to get tips, I have a great website: where I share my tips with you. And just paying attention and being a super saver, being a smart saver. But it's mostly paying attention will save you money."


Candace Rose: Can we find you on facebook?

Miss Coupon Diva: "Yes, Coupon Diva."


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    Thanks for the tips. I think the most useful was, just to pay attention!

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